Sausages, sauerkrut and Japanese green tea

Oliver got his ‘go to Berlin and feel it happen’ birthday present this weekend and we landed in Berlin on Fri after almost missing the bus to the airport (my fault) and happily enjoying the (comparable to ryan air) luxurious easy jet flight.

The hotel, Cosmo Mitte, was nice and we ventured out to Monsieur Voung. After 20 min in the cold without getting a table we ended up at random japanese restaurant, drank (in my case) something called the Green Ninja and (in Oliverss case) something alcohol free that tasted of fernet (why you would like to do that). After dinner drinks at Neue Odessa – you could smoke inside. I repeat, you could smoke inside! My happiness about that set me aside from all the über cool Germans. Our night ended, very unexpected with rockaoke (yes, news to me to but rock karaoke with backing band).

Saturday morning my stomach couldnt hold my 3.5 (!!) drink from the night before but at 12 I was ready to go for lunch and we ate omelet at Chipps, took a long, freezing cold walk through Tiergarten and looked at naked ladies at the Newton exhibition. Oliver was in heaven, he claimed it was the camera collection of Newtons but i saw him sizing up the 80’s power ladies in nothing but high heels.

Evening came and that meant 17 course Japanese tasting menu at Dos Palillos. Epic! 3 hours of food porn. After dinner Oliver got to choose club and we ended up at the most misfit weird place in berlin – Horst. The people around us was the oddest lot of randoms ever and I havent laughed that much in a long time. By 4 my beaten body and aching feet gave up.

Sunday – photos of a misty, industrial Berlin, empty streets, cold kisses by graffiti walls and Vietnamese for dinner. We didnt eat a single German thing.

 Oliver and his ‘magväska’. It’s ‘practical’… Im so not convinced

 Dinner at the first japanese. We sure know how to behave in the company of others. I think this is the green ninja speaking.

 The Green Ninja!

 Chopstick art in the ceiling. In Berlin everything is art.

 Especially the wurst man

 The wall. Adequately depressing.

 Beautiful, albeit freezing, walk.

 Oliver taking photos. A specialty of mine.

 We tricked the system and looked at the animals from outside the Zoo. Win.

 Oliver’s tiny tea cup at Dos Palillos. Three hours of eating lay ahead of us.

Sexy pose. Notice the very deliberate fluff and camera strap framing the picture.

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