The smell of saffron and cinnamon is still in my nose

What a lovely, wintery, awesome weekend. It’s been cold outside, far from the snow in Sweden, but still pretty amazing with a cold winter sun and everyone dressed up for winter.

Friday night Oliver and me were supposed to go party in Peckham but after Ruby Sparks in the cinema and a big dinner at the Japanese we failed massively on the coolness and stayed in watching the end of Twin Peaks instead.

Less cool but oh so rested in the morning. Broke all the rules and lighted the second candle of my advent candles. Such a rebel.

Headed over the Kix’s for the big Swedish xmas bake off, jugs of glögg and quality time with the zig. He was adequately styled for this big occasion.

Everyone was taking part (some more on the drinking but the importance is team spirit)

How a saffron bun dough should look. You can almost hear Lisen talking about ‘making love to the dough’. That dough sure got some love.

Tollstedt’s in action.

Oliver kept going long after everyone else had abandoned the baking in favour if the drinking.

Even if he skills are a bit questionable. What’s up with the flour on his master piece here?

The boys were fully engaged too making marzipan penises. That’s Robin’s specialty.

No sure if it was the drink or just Kix’s creative genius but things started to go a bit downhill.

My boyfriend never gives up though and here is his wood land scene – rabbit and barb wire.

We also shot some pictures for Fiona’s web page. Ziglet is the best model ever.

I adore this necklace. Looks even better with this beauty next to it

After baking it was time for xfactor. Oliver wasnt happy. ‘you tricked me’ he hissed. Well, at least now he knows what he hates.

Girly moments, you just got to have them.

Kix and me even matched out outfits. I called and told her what to wear. Awesome.

Oliver made my face in a saffron bun. The resemblance is scary. 

Kix and me also made this super bling and fantastic ginger bread house – Casino Torsten Strulsson.

Only a true man can pull off a hat like this.

Very proud of our creation.

Because it is like the best ever.

All in all the best baking weekend  ever. 13 bottles of glögg and we didnt even get drunk. Win.

Sunday i met up with Dani and took a walk around Hyde park talking about life.

She was dressed up in full on winter gear and hid her hang over eyes behind the glasses. Good call.

Evening ended with Lisen and me watching Twilight, eating popcorn and sighing about it ending with too little blood.


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