Another lovely Christmas

Christmas in Sweden. It was everything Ive dreamt about. Family, good food, much needed talks, SNOW, playing with the kids and another year of Christmas magic.

 Landed in snow to a night in Nyköping. Beautiful morning.

The country house was even more magical. There is something about snow that makes everything pretty.

 Our little house

 Took long walks in the white silence.

 Mum and me dressed up and dared the weather.

 We also made yummy saffron buns.

and took more walks (isnt much else to do)

 On the 23rd we dressed the hand cut Christmas tree and baby bro and new Mrs Munthe came down.

 Pretty awesome tree.

 Mum set up the christmas table with all its little things picked up along the way.

 We took even more walks.

 Christmas came and with that Santa (wearing a slightly scary mask)

 My beautiful family.

 More snow, more walks, more epicness.

 On Chrismas day sister and the family came down. Nisse was very happy about his dinosaur costume.

and Agnes about her bubble wand (her parents not so much)

 Grandpa and Agnes.

Nisse got an ice hockey game. Not easy for little sisters to understand.

 Old and young.

The Di Luca clan.

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