Summer nights

I went over to Kix and Robins yesterday and their new flat. It was lovely. I cooked us pasta with tomato sauce and asparagus and we took a walk with Ziggy. It was finally warm. Like summer warm and still 20 degrees 10 at night. Kix, me and Ziggy went on a swing, hadn’t realised that actually gives you motion sickness.

Today I’m off to Sweden for midsummer. The west coast this time. I am well excited. I have a feeling it will be a great party and I have packed my rain jacket to be able to dance even if it’s pouring down.

Zig licking my toes. Filthy bugger. 
Late night blue sky. Pretty.  

I might as well come home…

‘As the prospect of another gloomy Glastonbury and wet Wimbledon looms, leading climate scientists have warned that the UK could be set for a further five to 10 years of washout summers.

The grim conclusion was delivered after an unprecedented gathering of scientists and meteorologists at the Met Office in Exeter to debate the range of possible causes for Europe’s “unusual seasonal weather” over recent years, a sequence that has lasted since 2007.

Many will have hoped for news of sunnier times ahead. But after experts brainstormed through the day they delivered the shock finding that the UK could be in the middle of a 10-20 year “cycle” of wet summers. The last six out of seven summers in the UK have seen below-average temperatures and sunshine, and above-average rainfall.’

If you want to read about the 10 – 20 years of rain…

Fluorescent under dress

A couple of days ago I was all dressed in black at work. Top to toe. One of my colleagues were so taken aback by this well matched wardrobe of mine (it was black!!) that he asked me if I had fluorescent underwear given that I’m so rebellious.

 I had to say no on account of my boring black underwear.

But today i’m making him happy with my under dress. A fluorescent surprise.

Melt yourself down at Electrowerkz

Working from home yesterday still not feeling great I had forgotten I promised Ol to follow him to a concert up in Angel. Since I’m such an excellent girlfriend I did come with him anyway. Melt yourself down’s album release. Magic.

We started by going to Flat iron for steak. The only thing on the menu is steak and burger. Good shit.

You get popcorn. Love places that give you popcorn. Made in the beef drippings. Filth.

This is some serious beef action. Delicious.

Ol’s burger were not too shabby either.

After dinner we sat in the sun for a while up in Angel. Us and about half the city. Have to enjoy it when you can. 

I had a bit of an UV light bra fail. It glowed to say the least. Good thing Ol didnt leave me and went off dancing on his own (as if)

Once the guys started playing they were so f**ing good I forgot to take any pictures. I danced myself sweaty and it was an absolute magical gig. The lead singer went into the crowd and danced around with sweaty boys head bumping to the beats. I kept to the back to not get jumped down.
This was their album release and it’s the best summer dance, afro beat music ever. You cant stop yourself from wanting to dance all night and it was even better live. 

A sleeping dachshund makes it feel alright

I was home yesterday. Feeling not so sparkly and stuck to the sofa. What better then getting visits from Kix and the Zig

Ziggy fell asleep in my lap all while Kix and me talked about how to really manage this tricky thing called life.

To make it a little bit easier I fed Kix chocolate. Life just automtically gets better when you are home sick and gets visits from your friends eating chocolate.

After Kix left I slept while Ol had models over and then came out for some more sofa time when the 15 year old girls were gone. Nothing against baby girls but i would just have tried to fed them and then the agencies would have been pissed off at Ol.

When I’m not dancing or drinking

After the summer party on Friday my weekend was kind of slow. I felt ok Saturday but Sunday started feeling really shit so took it easy.

I was going for a walk on Sat but it started raining so I ended up sitting on our stairs looking at the rain unable to move. Thats hang over for you.

Eventually I got my sorry ass off the stairs and went to Westfields were i saw a girl playing songs to an uninterested public. I thought she was great and listened for a while before buying food and going home.

Waking on Sunday feeling a bit shit Ol and me went into town and bought cinnamon buns from a new bakery. They were yummy. We also bought salty licqourice merengues. They were even better.

We took a walk along southbank and saw kids playing around. The sun came out and London was pretty beautiful

I love you more than…

Oliver gave me a late gift for our anniversary. A hand painted book describing all the things he loves me more than. Amazing!

The front of my book. All in gold. Everything is better with gold.

He loves me more than the Havelock AND the bread there

He also love me more than practical clothing

AND taking photos (not so sure abou that)

He also claims to love me more than I love Unicorns

But more than that, he claims to love me more than I love Vampire Unicorns – he must love me a lot.

He loves me more than the perfect food sausage and fennel pasta


but the things that makes me really understand he loves me is that he loves me more than hummous.

That boy must really, really love me…