Soup and a movie

Yesterday not much. Made potato and leek soup and watched netflix on my phone while Oliver watched some old movie. The modern couple.

Today so far have been proposed the Medeltidsveckan at Gotland from Sanna. Finally! I have dreamed of this all my life and due to GoT people are starting to realize how great the idea of dwarfes, knights and long dresses are.

Later I will eat pizza and go to some launch party of a new magazine. 

Oliver doing to heavy lifting with the soup.

Pretty good. We now have soup to last us a life time. Good when you are being cheap and cheerful.

Ol watching the third man, a master piece of british film. I was watching Fallen 3, about as far as you can get from a master piece. Epic.

The popcorn hero

Beautiful out when I walked home last night. The sky was on fire. I contemplated Halloween costume, how long the perfect walk home from work is (closer to 40 min, not 1h15 as in my case), what Sanna and me will do when she is in London (have a vision of her and me hanging with the deers in Richmond Park and shopping ridiculous shoes as well as eating macaroons while pretending to be rich housewives) and if its normal to eat 1.5kg of Djungelvral in 2 weeks.

This is an inspiring view. Too bad I ended up thinking about mundane every day things rather than great thoughts of genius.

Oliver showing off his new light looking like a mad man. maybe that’s what 3 days in bed do to you.

I made him a bowl of perfect popcorn. After making every one feel better on their hang over (since  mine is ALWAYS so much worse) this is my second super power. I always make perfect popcorn and i don’t cheat with a micro wave. The hung over popcorn hero. Thats me.

Pho recipe and crazy people

Made a tasty Pho yesterday. Any of you looking for a simple yet super tasty dinner should give it a go. Best with the recipe is that the meat actually just cooked by the hot soup and became perfectly tender even if I just used simple meat medallions.

Here is the recipe

Other than that didnt do much yesterday. Ol is sick so we watched Homleand and laughed at some pics from Saturday.

 Why not? Apparently 10 years dont make much difference to your dinner table behavior.

 I have no idea what is happening here but im sure its late enough to not have to care.

 Coolest crowd in Soho (oh well…)

In my dreams

Not sure what Im processing at the moment but my dreams have some serious weird shit in them.

Last night I dreamt some stuff about Oliver being stalked by someone who came into our home and tried our clothes on. He also sent us pages out of a book he was writing about Oliver. In the end he raped and killed a girl dressed as me on our sofa. We had to go back to back all our stuff moving to a new place before he could find us.

Im a bit tired today. Like having been chased by crazy men all night.

Hung over musings

Found some nice pictures from Ols and mine dance-a-thon at the wedding a couple of weeks ago. I remember that hung over fondly, I was almost normal the day after. This time around I’m still suffering the ill effects. On top of that my nose is a disgusting display of my inherited nose cold sore. Thanks Dad, that might be the best ive ever gotten from you.

Can you tell I feel a bit sorry for myself? We’ve also been out of warm water for three days so I have been splashing myself quickly while screaming in shock in the mornings. A way to wake up but make you feel slightly disgusting. Like you’re wrapped in a film och hung over grease sticking to your body.

Oh well, no more grumpy old man. Here are some dancy happy stuff instead.

 Some serious 90’s boy band hand there.

 You can certainly see why people came up and told us how great our dancing were.

 Not sure what he is up to but it looks a bit like a ‘girlfriend’ snap of the fingers.

I think im having a serious realization Ive snatched the sexiest man in there. Win!

Other stuff that was going on

As I told you this was a pretty slow weekend. Alternated between bed and going out for eating and dancing. Perfect really even if my skin has taken a turn for the worse after being confined to the inside.I also managed to get Ol go down with a cold after I had it. I feel fine now but he is home moaning in bed.

Oliver started reading Broderna Lejonhjarta. Not entirely uncomplicated. Lets say its not crystal clear who that Skorpan really is.

Flowers in Mirandas vase.

Red lips Saturday.

Very, very tired and itsy teeny bit hung over.

Not only an ant eater but also an amazing singer

I was not the only one documenting the shenanigans. Here are some pictures stolen from others (sometimes I wish everything could be black and white, it do clean away all sorts of blood shot eyes)

Benjie owning the bunny ears as well as the singing. Still remember when i heard him practicing in his room for his first karaoke a couple of years ago. Now he is a pro

The more the better. Why just have a wig when you can have a hat on your wig.

Grandpa Seb.

More awesomeness. Some of these tunes will haunt me in my nightmares forever.

Who knew Ol were going to love the common joy of karaoke so much. Not even he can pretend its even remotely high brow. I have found another guilty pleasure.

Laura en me getting seriously into it as well.

Making friends, using the old monkey technique of playing with hair.

Im happy to be called honorary cousin in this outstanding family.

The Best Cake Ever!

No words needed.