Im done with my alcohol free. sugar free month now. It was fairly pain less (if you dont count the fact that i wanted to have sweeties EVERY DAY) and ive lost 3 kg in the process.

But, I can wait to throw myself back in there. Even if you do feel a little bit better and its always nice to loose weight without having to fight for it life becomes a little bit duller unless you get to enjoy some of the small things in life.

To properly celebrate I bought myself a cinnamon bun.

Then I got a message from my sister. I think she is on the same page as me. Woop Woop…

The Lonely Island – Go Kindergarten

The Fault in our Stars

Im reading this amazing book. It had me crying so hard last night that Oliver wondered what was going on. But its the good type of crying, where you smile through the tears and it makes you feel all the way into your heart.

The book is about Hazel and Gus meeting in a cancer support group and how they fall in love being star crossed lovers due to their illness.

John Green makes you smile even if this story is sad. He makes you want to go out and live and he makes you fall in love with his characters and the way they keep on living, loving and laughing even if life is slipping away from them.

I hope you pick this book up and love it as much as i did. It might make you cry but it will also make you smile and a good book is always worth it.
John Green, The Fault in our Stars

Syster yster


My sister is coming tomorrow. Its like Peter Pans happy fairy dust. If I needed to think happy thoughts to fly this one would do it in an instant.

Her only dream is to buy a vintage leather jacket, my only dream is to dress up in nice clothes and have a drink with my lovely sister. And play with Woolly in the park of course, and talk about everything.

She got a wide array of awesome traits like being warm, caring, sweet, smart and loving but I must admit I love her a little bit extra for being so much fun. She has got the best sense of humor and there are always crazy things happening when she is around. All through my life she has always inspired me in that true sense of having FUN (yes, with capital letters) when you dont care what people think of you and your happiness is affecting everyone around you. My sister is the one who dances on an exes car in her high heels, who dances on a pole in a dingy pub in Norway, who gets a girl wanting to dance with her on the tube when she is dressed as superman who make everyone want to be exactly where she is because that is clearly where the party is.

Cant wait for the weekend to begin.

Tom Jones – Delilah

Another weekday night

Guess what I did yesterday? I was home, with Woolly. You didnt see that one coming did you…I never stop surprising you.

Ol was out climbing so Wool spent 30 min on his own before I came home, he was a happy camper when I came home so no problemos there.

Wools were a very relaxed little doggy and started doing yoga in his sleep while I read saucy historic romance novels. Each to their own.

I was way jealous, wish I could hold my legs up that straight and effortlessly, all while snoring and sleeping happily.

Eventually Ol came home bearing gifts. A mini pizza for me and a normal for him. Mini since I had actually eaten dinner but Ol saw the (very likely) possibility of me eating half of his one so decided to better be safe than sorry.

We ended the night with a walk in the rain and Gremlin dog had a run in with the towel. He have learned that is the quickest way to get dry so runs back and forth into it while furiously rubbing himself against it.

This is fashion people

Since I am very poor (left over since we moved and that cost f**k load of money) Im not shopping any clothes for myself at the moment. Very boring. My sense of fashion have deteriorated and I found myself walking around i tights, no make up and scruffy hair the other day while walking Woolly.

I stopped with a jolt and realized Im slowly turning into that person. A dog owning, sweat pant wearing 30 something person. Oh my.

Now you might hope I will tell you about something cool and young Ive done or show you some new cool clothes so your faith in me is restored but no, instead this is a post about the fashionable things Ive bought for Woolly.

Double Oh my.

Matching lead and collar. Yes, both a long and a short one and they are in nice and supple leather. Fashionable.

Look at this wonder of good taste and style. Even matching our sofa. Good thing im not there to bring the overall look down.

My dream outfit for Woolly. Preferable matched with my Unicorn, space look or a matching piece for me.

He is in fact a GREMLIN!

It rains in London today (what a shocker, you might think, but its particularly bad). In the light of this Ol and me have found Wools weakness. He is NOT a rain proof dog.

Yesterday, after a 15 min walk around the block in the rain, scruff bag went mental when we came home. He ran around in circles, scratching his hears, legs and everywhere he could reach as well as trying something that looked like biting his own fur off. He also jumped up and try to hang from his claws in my tights as well as diving into anything that could dry him off.

At least he slept like a baby until we went up at 8 after that endeavor.

This might look like the greyest, grainiest and most boring picture in the world but look at what it signifies. Spring is on its way (yes, that yellow crap its budding flowers.)

Me and demon dog. We have concluded that he is in fact a…. drum roll please…gremlin. He is the sweetest little Mogwai until he gets touched by rain. Then he develop in to a green monster. We should have been warned by the ears…

They do look kind of alike…The ears scaringly so…

Me and the Gremlin on the fist day. If I had only known that I cant break the 3 rules. We’ve both fed him after midnight and got him wet… I hope the sunlight wont kill him though but just calm him down.