You make art, I make silly comments on dogs. Lets be friends

I came home to something very close to chaos yesterday. Or to be honest, it was chaos. In the living room art was being created. Gabby had set up a mini studio to photograph stones at the same time as Oliver and Miranda was arguing about her new web page he was helping her with.

Did I hear Monday anyone?

Proper art in the making. My hope is that in 50 years when the art canon of the early 21st century is being summarized I’ll see myself as a little, tiny part in the background having been there when magic happen.

Things cant be done half arsed. Hence gigantic lights in our living room.

and Gabby hiding under a big blanket talking to me about what i really want in life. Its oddly comforting when the person you talk to is hiding and focusing on stones.

If chaos in the living room was not enough the cupboard in the kitchen broke as well and Ol had to run off for a rescue mission. In his head torch. Of course.

This is Gabby laughing at Olivers head torch. I hear her. Finally someone that find my boyfriend as entertaining as I do.

I was very fascinated by the whole process and sat curled up on the only free space on the sofa trying to keep away from kitchen chaos and embrace living room chaos. It helped that Miranda made sausage and fennel pasta and Gabby and me talked about her projects.

Given the awesomeness of Oliver in a head torch even arty photographers like Gabby feel the need to keep that for the world to see.

Brother and sister working away on their matching laptops (the picture is intentionally blurry, Miranda hates popping up on my blog so ill just make sure you cant see her face. Sneaky)

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