Hey guys! Missed me? Sure you did. Back from the motherland now. 5 days reading, walking and eating. I read 6 books, walked 50,000 steps and ate an inhuman amount of cheese, ham and bread. A perfect time at the country house in other words.

In next post Ill show you some of the nice (bleak) pics but here are some phone ones.

We went down to the barn to use the wifi. A gigantic great dane kept us company. Missed Woolly.

We ate semlor in Nykoping. The awesome kind were the mandelmassa is whipped in with the cream. We also had a chocolate ball as you can see. Did I mention we ate a lot.

Oliver’s ‘she is making me eat swedish food again’ face. Boohoo, you love it.

Me, my mum and my brother. Read my old baby book. Apparently I loved ‘Korv och godis’ as a kid. That still stands.

From me as a kid to Kix’s little Alex. He is finally here. Welcome! We will have amazing times you and I.

Belle & Sebastian – Play For Today

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