The worlds most epic dance party

Below follows way too many pictures of our epic dance party after the crayfish party. So. Much. Fun!

Imagine some Meatloaf, english garage and ABBA and you have the setting for these 5 hours of dancing.

Ben and me rediscovered our joint love for all things cheese.

and hats. All parties are better in hats.

Air guitar. Boojah!

more hats.

there are so many question marks in these pictures. But also so much fun.

Why he is the dance master frog.

Yes! You know you are not as limber any longer when you have to support yourself on someones knee. Or just drunk.

alcohol refill.

Ben and me have clearly not had the chance to dance together enough in the last couple of years.

Ol and me busting some moves as well.

After 4 years of dancing together we are pretty well synced.

A classic. Me drinking, Ol dancing

These two.

Uhm yeah. Sorry Dad for my treatment of Klamydia. I just wanted her to feel part of the gang.

The crayfish dance. We are rocking it.

More crayfish dancing, more epicness, more drunk.

Told you, hats is the shit.

I think this is probabely Meatloaf. Who else can bring those power hands.

Some old school garage. I logged out for a bit.

Me channeling Juergen Teller screaming ‘give me more sex’.

Me channeling…something.

The ex dance.

Such little rude boys.

Oliver looking like a sad little indie boy

and this is the end of this absolutely amazing dancing party.

Heading for the desert life

Ok, serious count down now. Only 2 more days before im up, up and away. Started packing yesterday and Oh. My. Gawd I have a lot of shit to fit into that bag. And none if it is actually even remotely close to normal clothes. There is at least one too many pairs of leggings and its not common practice to fly with 3 pair of fancy dress hats and 6 pairs of sunglasses.

But the bulk of the bag is my 250 glow sticks, 50 glow stick glasses and 10 cat ears. And yes, its essential. To make packing a bit more fun I ran around the flat with a pair of the glasses on last night. Almost as good as Sanna and me drinking 2 bottles of booze for The Big London Pack.

Packing done and at least 20 vacuum packed bags of clothes later (there is still some things to fit in but im not sure how so im ignoring it until last minte i decided to start reading my dogbot book from Jason. Absolutely brilliant. So sweet and horrible and amazing. I almost teared up there for a bit.

Look at this cool hound. Epic drawings. I now owe Jason my favourite fantasy book. Hard that. Do i go old school or any of my new favourites. Will keep you all updated on this riveting story.

When eventually going to bed these little bastard kept throwing an eerie glow and reminding me what life will be like in a couple of days. Yes but no but yes.

The big scrabble show down

Yesterday it was finally time for the big scrabble show down. Jason had brought the scrabble, I had read some books with big words, there was a lot of taunting during the day on who would win and finally we were ready to go.

We went to a very nice pub called the Glasshouse, bought a cider and set up the board. Then followed 2 hours of intense concentration. Until we’ve finished our first 2 ciders. Then less concentration and more trying to focus the eyes on the tiny letters on the board.

It was nerve wrecking. I scored some good ones in the beginning but then it went down hill (maybe correlating to the alcoholic intake). I did however get the best word on the board. Trilogy. Boojah. (I also tried to get feets in there having been overly used here on the blog but wouldnt fly)

Once we were done Jason tallied up the score…

He won (bastard – wish i could say he cheated but he didnt. Even if I did let gob slide) with 259 to my 250. That meant no fantasy chapter for me. Good game though. Next time i wont be drinking so i can keep the eye on the ball.

Trying to live with this crushing defeat i headed home to mini dog hoping for some cuddles not having seen him for 2 weeks. He gave me a dirty look and refused to even get close. I was most definite in the dog house. I tried to bribe him with treats. He ate them and then hated on me a bit more.

At least I could feel happy about my new book Jason gave me. After discovering our joint love for anime he talked about this one and yesterday he brought it for me. Its about a robot dog, robot cat and robot rabbit. I mean really, how epic is that!?

Woolly momentarily forgot he hated me. Then he woke up and remembered again. It will take some time to get the love of this little hound back. Too bad im leaving again in 3 days…

Oh London, you give me nothing but rain

Ok, wedding done and dusted I woke up noon for my last day in Sthlm. I slept late. Between partying, nervousness and late night talks with Ol i was D.O.N.E. Finito. No more juice in this body. One of Elins friends came up to me at the wedding and asked if I always had this much energy. I laughed at her. She hasnt seen me Mondays.

But, since friends were around we went to Strandbryggan and said hi to the wine drinking crew. Hi wine drinking crew.

This is my ‘im so tired I cant even speak and i wish i was sitting in a dark corner’ fake smile. Candice dont look convinced.

London greeted me with rain. Non stop. Being VERY proud of my tan (as you might have gathered) I decided to flaunt it anyway and wear stupidly short skirts. My mum would have had a heart attack.

I also decided to make Monday less Monday by trying out outfits for my desert adventure. Jakob came home from the pub, took one look at me, shook his head and went to hide in the dungeon. What goes in the desert might not be as winning in London.

Painting space nails and learning spanish via whatsapp. Alvaro and me have a deal, ill teach him english and he’ll teach me really useful phrases in spanish. Unfortunately i dont have anyone to talk to so i just sit and say them out loud with no idea if its right.

‘Soy un poco loca y solo me gustan las personas locas que me hacen reír’. That means ‘im really weird (notice how he went for ‘un poco’) and i only like other weird people that can make me laugh.’. Really useful phrase (and how the f**k to you pronounce reir? im going for the english rear and hope for the best).

Tonight is the big Scrabble show down. This is Jasons bag he had to schlepp across town. Im a massive fail since i havent written anything on that fantasy book. And i will lose. Oh well, beers help everything.

Marrying off the Tomlins

So, last leg of the holiday was Elin and Tommys wedding. Given that i was toastmaster i had been so nervous about this. Anyone who knows me know my fear of public speaking. I used to be the kid who started shaking so bad I always dropped my papers. Always.

But, we are a long way from that and i did it. I actually did it. Without dropping any papers, fainting or any other kind of mishaps. Yeah me.

More importantly though – the Tomlins got married. Like a dream.

Started the day by heading out to the venue to help. Poor Ol was on ex boyfriend duty and had to join. And not only that, he also got my stressed, snappy bitchiness. Im sure he did a silent ‘swish’ to himself not having to deal with this any longer.

After realising that ‘shit, we need to actually get to Skansen in time’ we headed home and changed into princess dress (well, i did, Ol changed into a suit, not princess dress)

Such a Disney princess. At least i had studded black shoes.

We were in Seglora church at Skansen and it was absolutely stunning. All the english people were blown away. Didnt make it worse that it was a sunny, beautiful day. And loads of tourists to take pictures when we left to make us feel important.

 Waiting for the bride and groom.

Elin was a dream. So beautiful. I must admit that yes, there was a couple of tears. I mean, its Elin and Tom and I love them and are so happy for them.

I think both me and Oliver felt pretty emotional as well given that we met around the same time and we’ve broken up (well i know we both did since there was a couple of pretty emotional cry fests and talks over the weekend. Emotionally drained is only half of it)

 Look at them! My beautiful friends.

One thing that was so amazing was all their lovely friends being there. They have some cool people in their lives and I feel so at home with them. From Malin I met at the same time as Elin to all the new London friends and Toms old friends like Victoria here.

 Soap bubble guns from the Lady Gaga concert. Yes! So much yes.

 They did it. Is it ok to be a massively proud friend?

 Garth showed up in his kilt. Amazing. I never got to see what he had under it though. Sad face.

Selfie time. 

 The cool kids sit in the back of the bus.

 Ida and Kristin was very awesome DJs. They had everyone from Elins gran to Oliver dancing and I cant imagine it being much cross over between those two.

After party. Unfortunately this was shut down after 5 minutes due to boring people having to sleep. I was so pissed off with the hotel that i stole most of their candy. Ha.

Love this picture. Best man Jack, usher Mikey, Victoria, the groom and Bendice. So much epicness.

Cat ears! Hell yes. I have stolen 8 to take to BM. Because cat ears are ALWAYS a good idea.

Me and the toilet brush. It had a part of my speech. Hard to explain but it got to shine. Im not actually being sick just showing that im well prepared. I mean, pretty awesome bringing your own cleaning utensils if needs be.

Thanks you Tomlins for the best wedding ever and thank you me for not falling dead from nervousness.

Afterklaps – Holiday Sun

Crayfishing – it always ends with the brits puking

After those pretty civilised days the London crew happened. The guys landed Wednesday and we went straight on the beers. We did some other stuff as well like going to the pool and hang with the horses but mostly we just drank beers.

In the evening BBQ and more beers.

Candice and me posed and tried to look fabulous in no make up and country clothes. Good thing you have a photographer to help.

On thursday – also known and crayfish day, we headed to the booze store since we drank most of the beers the night before. Bendice had a field day. Ben just keep walking around being ‘I wan it all’. He didnt get it all but enough to have us all crawling around on the floor by the end of the night.

Eventually we went back to the country house for some more sun and some more beers.

We did play some tennis. Not all can be alcohol and lazying around.

We were pretty shit but i found my old rainbow kid raquet and then it all felt like unicorn tennis. Especially drinking beer at the same time.

Finally time for the swedish crayfishes. Look at these beauties. Nothing better in the world than proper crayfish.

 Maria and Anders joined us and we had the hats and the bibs as well as shit loads of snaps.

Great recipe for a party right? Bendice went all in on the crayfish eating. And drinking. They kept yelling ‘song’ and before we knew it the snaps were out and we had to go on the vodka.

 I got the one mega. Looks like a lobster next to the little mini ones.

Anything were you wear hats and sing songs ends up being amazing. Especially when you drink a bottle of snaps and a bottle of vodka on 4 people.

 Ben and me hid away smoking like naughty kids.

 Putting my finger in Bens ear.

 Yes, the most hilarious thing ever.

Anders telling us about his very british friends going to Sandhurst and hunting. We all looked at each other and went ‘what about the rude boys – they are the truly british ones’.

Then magic happnened. Both Londoners puked before midnight (yes!) but we managed to get Ben up for a second go. And that meant all night dancing until 4 in the morning. Oliver looking like some kind of evil magician.

 Power ballads.

Oliver and me being dinousaurs (because why not). I think this is a pretty amazing ex couple picture. If you are going to hang out once broken up do it in style.

 Think im trying to do crayfish claws here but having way too much fun.

Power dancing. Oliver kept putting on garage and i kept yelling ‘exes over friends’ when Ben tried to rule the music. Not sure that one flew. But I should have something for our 4 years together.

 Ben being sleezy fashion photographer on the floor. Fits him like a slightly disgusting glove.

 More epic dancing (we are probably around hour 3 of dancing here)

 More ‘i love these guys’ picture. Because I do. My frog and my awesome ex boyfriend.

 4 o clock in the morning being absolutely epic.

 The day after was more like this…

Oliver in his non hung over state did some meditation. I mostly tried to process all the alcohol in my system.

Ben had to sew Klamydia back together. She had a rough night and lost her arm. Poor Klamydia, she got used and abused once more at one of the crayfish parties, she must dread August.

But Ben being surprisingly skilled at sewing he put her back together again for her to be ready for next year.

Then we left the country house and the stench of crayfishes behind and headed to Sthlm. Good call.