Internet – you blow my mind

Me and Jason went to flat iron yesterday and had steak. It was a steak day, sometimes you have to let them happen. We talked about my racist ears (cant stand black music) and Jasons indifference do dill. ‘Its a useless spice, show me a dish that is massively improved by dill’. Yes Jason, I will blow your tiny mind.

After dinner we went to Archer Street and listened to waitresses singing while standing on the tables. If that was a place for me? Yes! Jason is a never ending resource of awesome places. #useandabuseyourfriends

But, anyway, it was internet we were going to talk about. Here are some awesome things that are out there. Enjoy.

Eeeeeh yes! Eeyore was my favourite as a kid, maybe not so weird given that I would grow up to basically become him. Remember that kids, let all your clinically depressed friends be as weird as they are because that might just help them get better. And then turn into Eeyoure with a unicorn horn. A unicorn Eeyore.

Some things to know about women. And yeah, we are most of the time all smelling like roses and walking around being perfect.

These wise words about what it is like when you have lived in London for more than 5 years. I agree to basically all of them. Especially 56. And 28. And definitely 20.

This list of awesome people out there on the internet. I want to be best friends with all of them (and I also want the netflix dating app – anyone else watching many many hours of vampire diaries. And is not a girl in her early teens)

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