Just go out and do it

Went on a date yesterday. If you remember my time lines (yes, anything that works…) Im coming up to the point where Ive promised myself I need to start doing that. Go on dates and actually give someone a chance. Or at least pretend im giving them a chance. Pretending works.

So, well, yesterday i decided that yes, this is the time. Below is how i felt about it (yeah, its kind of scary with a newly healed heart and a feeling that this will end up in a shit storm because life.)

Having W for the evening I decided to cook at mine. And drink cider. I was looking forward to have the other person drinking as well. There might have been a plan of getting him, or me, Very Drunk.

And, despite my earlier misgivings (if by misgiving you mean continously thinking ‘shit, what have I done? So. Not. Ready for this. Can i cancel? Pretend im sick. Eat 5 slices pumpking pie and get sick for real. Make one of my friends call me and pretend she is sick’ for 12 hours straight) i had such a nice evening. I mean, i had forgotten that its pretty awesome getting to know a cute boy that asks (with something close to fear in his eyes) if that really is a unicorn on your wall (hell yeah it is).

And Woolly actually liked him.

In the end I say #winning to going on a date, at least with a sweet guy that laughs at your weirdness and kiss your neck.

Now, Friday!

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