The life of corpse arm

So, what has happened since last time. Arm still broken, im getting more and more bored by sitting at home. Friends still awesome and keeping me company. Life kind of simultaneously horrible and kind of brilliant because catch ups with everyone cool.

Kis has been my saviour these days. For keeping me company every day but also for being simply hilarious just being herself.

This is us baking a banana cake. One monkey mama and one one armed bandit. You could see chaos happen a long way off. Especially it being and Torsten and Strulsson. We used to put fear in club owners heart by swinging from chandeliers, ass butt tiny ladies heads, dance barefoot, bark like dogs and break mirrors/ceilings/hearts.

Now we bake.

Everything went fine. We were rolling. I was even cracking eggs one handed and whisking like a pro. Banana bread was rocking and not even Kixs magical anti baking skills could ruin this.

Or so i thought….


Half way through cake in oven time Kix shouted ‘no way a cake could have to be in the oven for an hour (like the recipe said) and wanted to take it out. We did and it was all mushy inside (go figure). She then went to put it back in…and dropped it. Damn you Kix anti baking curse.

But, never let a good cake go to waste, she scooped it up with me crying with laughter with the words ‘i dont mind a little floor’

Such a pretty, perfect cake. It had floor hair in it. But tasted divine.

Other than that. Hand keep swelling. Looking like a baby hand. But less cute. More like a zombie baby hand.

Corpse arm… Yeah, all set for Halloween. W finds it so weird he wont come close. He sniffs it and leave.

On Friday Lollo came and we had girls night with ciders, cheese and Magic Mike. Best. Girls. Night. Ever. And also the worst movie when you have corpse arm and cant party for weeks.

On Saturday put on clothes and went out. Into the real world. It had people and smells and colour. Also scary kids looking like they wrre going to run into arm. But, I survived.

Met some familiar faces, drank bubbly and felt like i did a sucessful venture into real world. In the evening was film marathon with Jason. Winning.

Sunday this little dude was hanging with me and i felt SO SORRY for myself. I even cried. Not showered. You could say i was being pretty pathetic. As in really, really pathetic.

Lucky for me A saved me by asking if he should come over. That had me showering (!) and making an effort to pull myself together (!!). He brought food, stories of the outside world and even changed my sheets after i spilled coke on them. After last weeks brownie incient (I got a text saying something like ‘i see something outside your door’ and FREAKED. I mean, did he mean he was outside the door. hello, not showering for 4 days and becoming a neutrum according to Kix. When i eventually dared to look outside he had left a brownie on the door step. Sweet.) he is definitely on plus.

Today work. Bad idea. This post has taken me 1h to write one handed.

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