Heavenly high fives and too much good

I resigned yesterday. My boss what not happy but eventually understood that there was nothing she could offer me to stay. Because im ready to take over the music world. Rock grandma ftw!

Got an almost heavenly high five from George and promises of epic celebrations tonight. Katta and Alexandra are here and we got Rocky and Jean on board. And the Tomlins.

This is my equally heavenly (but also kind of scared) high five back.

Bring on crazy.

If that wasnt awesomeness enough, Sanna sent me a picture of my very own sparkdräkt. She found it as Beyond retro and i think its a sign. London need its own one.

Because still feeling shit I went home straight after work and cuddled up with this little guy. Went to bed at 9 but kept waking up in coughing fits. Bastards.

But pulled myself together this morning and dressed to impress. wearing the cookie fortune necklace because Dan is in town and need all the cookies together tonight.

Life. Have i told you you are pretty damn brilliant at the moment? Well, if not, here is a heartfelt I love you.

Obviously no time for cold so this is my weapons against too early give up time tonight. I am going to make it to Loves Company if its the last thing i do!

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