Being Georged

Had Katta over for dinner yesterday. We brought food from the Turkish, talked boys (yep, every time. Bridget Jonesing life) and used George face to play with the snap chat filter.

Katta being Georged. Love the fluff on her upper lip. And the look of utter despair.

Me being Georged. Like a horror movie. Let’s never have kids. Ever. I do make a bad ass villain though. 

This morning packing for Berlin. Since I’ve cancelled my BM trip (feeling very grown up) I decided to pack some of my crazy stuff for this little mini trip. Along with pretty much all my summer clothes. 

Last but not least, a photo of my healthy lunch. Followed by a walk at scrubs with Katta. 
And then drinks!! Woohoo! Because summer and life and everything awesome. 

Cool dudes

It was a short work day yesterday as of my quick snap post. I jetted home straight away and locked all the windows. Not risking all my shoes being stolen by some fashion forward rude boy.

That meant a lot of hours to kill. Started off by snoozing for an hour. Then met Katta for a walk around the river and the standard ice cream.

George sent me pictures of his new sunglasses. For Berlin. Two rings to rule them all. Need to up my outfit game for that city of too cool for school. It will also be 26 degrees. Skin tight blacks are out.

Then Sanna tagged me in an old picture on FB. This is an outfit! Us being dressed up as our best friends Siji and Fiji, two 15 year old boys, for a Ericsson tour back in the days. Note our facial hair.

That night ended with me losing everyone, going to a very posh gallery opening I passed on my way trying to find home, being given a hammer (so much why!) and then going to meet Magnus at a club deciding to scare him by running for him with the hammer.

I was restrained by the bouncers and told to go home.

After walkies me and hound stayed on the sofa

and i admired my print setting off my place perfectly. I was told by Albin that i have no taste due to my flat kind of looking like a flea market. He’s got no taste! Want it Sthlm white. I love my little crazy, colourful place. Its like the inside of my head.

Then i threw away some clothes, did some cleaning and other practical things and swore over owning SO MUCH STUFF. One day i need to get rid of all of Olivers things as well because they are still taking up two full wardrobes as well as half of the basement.

Today eating cherries and doing nothing. Life!

Hi and bye

Quickest work day ever, apparently I locked Jakobs giilfriend in the flat this morning and she have now climbed out the front room window without being able to lock it. So need to go home and make sure no one steals all the valuables.

So, quick post.

Woolly pretended to be a mouse last night. That was cute.

Then George and me watched the last episode of GoT. That was very, very exciting.

Then G and W had a moment and i did silent naaaws to myself..

I also cooked us dinner, we took an ice cream walk and I walked in with Oliver and Imogen this morning.

Snap! Quick post!

Midsummer 2016

…or the weekend it ALL went wrong. Given my gut feeling that I should have skipped this trip in the first place no need to rub it in Universe. Really. I got it.

It all started with massive delays at Stansted due to the french striking. Killing Europe flight traffic. 4 hours delay with this view. And all the books i had downloaded were pretty suck-y.

Landed past midnight, was shipped out to the country house and managed 4 hours sleep before waking up to my phone going crazy.

Brexit. Nothing had prepared me for how heart broken it made me. It really did. Mum making fun of my view of coming back to a Dickens depressing grey London. She clearly didnt get it.

But the show must go on and I donned my flowery wreath (store bought. having tried the wreath binding previous years i know my limitations) and my white dress and plastered a smile on my face.

But, universe still had it in for me and my weekend and my smile almost died when I realised Maggie and Fredde was stuck in traffic down from Sthlm. Lunch was a weird affair with half the crew from normal years and all of us missing the lost ones.

Insstead of actually partaking in then frog dancing we watched.

and i took sad lonely selfies intstead of the standard ‘me and the girls by the midsummer pole’ pictures. And yes, I like to wallow in my sadness.

But. The weather was amazing, I had beers and I got to go on a boat. Life started to look up. When i got to buy everyone jägers with my useless pounds I was even happier.

Then Maggie came and all was right in the world again. We danced in the never ending sunset, had our much needed catch up and tried to drink Maggie en par with the rest of us.

Also ate corn and fillet by the BBQ and skipped the whole sitting down for dinner. Suited me. I could dance and eat at the same time. Can i adopt this for life in general?

Sending angry pictures to Sanna for not being there.

Around here i decided to go for a little nap and that was game over. Woke up with a lightly sprained ankle (how?) and a head ache (not so much how on that) so decided bed time. Had the luxury of sharing a bed with two drunk guys having bathed in complete green algae water.

A classic winning.

The day after woke to feel somewhat fresh so Maggie and me decided to enjoy the lovely weather on the pontoon by the water.


Burn my ENTIRE body to a crips. Every last little bit. To the I should be wrapped in yoghurt point.

We took my achy breaky body and drove to my country house for dinner with the parents and a baby foal walk. But since universe and me were arch enemies for this weekend I had to go lay down with sun stroke. In Sweden. I rock.

Yesterday was almost problem free until we landed at Stansted and they couldnt find any steps (!!) for the plane. Come on. Ended up not making it to George until 1.30.

Being amazing he had snacks and some cooling balm ready for me. And about a 100 slow head shakes and little ‘ha, i really cant ever take you to Sydney’ snorts. Fair enough. I looked like a kid. Or the danish flag. Impressive white breasts skills.

Tonight last GoT episode. And more than 4 hours sleep. And Woolly times. And cuddles.

London ❤

Damn you Sanna

Leaving for Sweden in a couple of hours but first, a mournful post to the fact that Sanna and peter wont be coming to Midsummer this year.

Sanna have been celebrating with Maggie and me for at least the last 8 years.

Now. No more


So, lets do a Midsummer with Sanna tribute (and may you forever burn in hell for leaving me)

The best coast year. 2013. It was weird and we went all the way down to the West Coast. Becasue thats what we do for each other..

Cooler than cool last year when it was pissing down the entire time.

Best coasting. Look how happy we are.

2014. We were back where we belong again.

Boating. Maybe 2011. Who knows.

Oh, it was 2011.

We had brasilian company.

A decent amount of shots down the line.

2010. My first year in London. And i came back for you Sanna.

Wow, my wreath doesnt look too shabby this year. Impressed.

 A year. Not even Midsummer. But in Djursvik and like long ago. See Sanna how far back we go…

 We even celebrated together the Turkey year 2007.

 And was cutely dressed in blue in the Mosque. 

 What can i say, me and Maggie will miss you.

Like a lot…

2 big ones

Ok, for you Swedes out there no missing that Midsummer is coming up, that yearly chance to eat somewhat bland traditional food, show off your frog dancing skills, drink snaps like there is no tomorrow and enjoy the midsummer curse – the never ending bad weather,

Looks like we are being treated to some spectacular thunder storms this year. Bring it on! I have my rain coat and never ending cheer (lets ignore the masive amount of moaning I did this morning) and a drink tends to fix the shittiest of weathers.

But even more important, Britan votes Brexit. My dog is of course all for in, he doesnt want mum to have to leave the country. Not having the right to vote I count on my fellow british country men. I believe in you! Remember you love our weird European ways, Ive seen that at both Midsummer in Hyde Park and Lucia. And not to mention a good cray fish party.

I made me and George taco dinner last night. Another fine swedish tradition. Even if it wasnt friday. Im a rebel that way. Then we watched Sweden get beaten once again in football and drank some Mackmyra whisky. Slowly swedifying…

Woke up crazy early. Down side of sharing a bed with someone on the jet lag. Up side – monkey arm cuddles. Ill remember those when I have to share the loft with my stand in boyfriend PP. Its the second time around we’ve had to share a bed due to not having a significant other with us. Last time PP was so scared of snoring he stayed up with me until the bitter end, that is why we are getting the loft now. Where dreams go to die and the drunkest get to sleep.

Good thing i can sleep through an earth quake with enough snaps in my blood stream.

That middle of the week feeling

Hump day! Or as we say in Sweden – ‘lilllördag’ (small saturday). Or in my case – 14 more days of ‘work’. I need to treat this blog to a lot of love since actual working will happen at the new job. At least i think so, I do have an uncanny tendency to delegating myself useless. Even before i had people to delegate to. The upside of being somewhat lazy.

Last night me and Woolly invaded Katta. He owned her sofa and i ate all her food (she is such a brilliant chef). We paid in love and endless conversations about boys. We would so have failed the Bechdel test*. But thats ok, we cant be bad ass super heroes all the time.

Tonight George is coming my way for TV time before im off to sweden. Sure its important to hang out and talk and stuff but so many good shows. Have you guys seen Preacher yet? Its basically Seb (well, he looks like Seb) with a drinking problem possesed by an angel/demon. Say no more.

Also, im pretty much psychic. Told you in September George would come into my life after Christmas. Storming in with a smile on his face is pretty accurate. As is the shit loads of fun.

Ive actually fulfilled all the things i told myself I would do a year ago, including the new job. See me rock and roll. Now i need some new goals. The best Halloween costume ever. Thats a worthy goal. And less shopping.

Nah, who am i kidding. Love shopping.

*checking whether or not two female characters talk to each other about anything else than a man. A sad day for women that only about half of all films meet this chriteria.