Being Georged

Had Katta over for dinner yesterday. We brought food from the Turkish, talked boys (yep, every time. Bridget Jonesing life) and used George face to play with the snap chat filter.

Katta being Georged. Love the fluff on her upper lip. And the look of utter despair.

Me being Georged. Like a horror movie. Let’s never have kids. Ever. I do make a bad ass villain though. 

This morning packing for Berlin. Since I’ve cancelled my BM trip (feeling very grown up) I decided to pack some of my crazy stuff for this little mini trip. Along with pretty much all my summer clothes. 

Last but not least, a photo of my healthy lunch. Followed by a walk at scrubs with Katta. 
And then drinks!! Woohoo! Because summer and life and everything awesome. 

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