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Hell to the yes to the mother fucking king of all things bright and shiny and sparkly.

This just makes me life so much easier. Been a bit stressy about new job and everything and you know, the shit storm that is starting a new job without a team. About 2 months too late.

Now im like easy breezy smooth sailing. My last day is the 14th of july and then i have a long weekend in Bulgaria working on my tan. And maybe even sneak in extra week of being off enjoying London chillin with my homies (yeah, im street, I totally have homies).

Celebrating that with getting treated to dinner by Katta. Karma. Yes you. I fucking love you right now. I was a good worm in last life. Or maybe you just decided that good things come to those who party a lot and enjoy a good laze around on the sofa.

Showered in love. And it looks like glitter and smells like you

Ok, trigger warning for this being a massively cheesy post. All loved up. As in one day when im less all rose tinted glasses I’ll look back at this and go ‘shit, i so was THAT girl’.

But, at the moment being that girl so here goes.

Went out to Heathrow to meet George when he landed. Maybe a tad nervous. I texted Katta before and was all like ‘what if we just dont like each other that much. Then  we can never go to Found again. That cant happen, I need to think of my funniest jokes to make him remember how cool i am’. 

Needent be nervous. Most people brought flowers or welcome balloons, I brought coke and popcorn. Nailed it.

After what felt like hours on the tube we ended up at loves company to pick up Harry and have a couple of drinks before heading to George’s for my favourite part…gifts (ok, to be honest, my favourite part was when Harry left…)

George had been schlepping this huge gift for me for his 32 hour flight. I mean really. This is when i go all lovey dovey but how can i not?

To add insult to injury (if you can call being awesome injury) he bought me the most perfect gift ever. A killer print of Han Solo. Looking sexy. On a black glitter background. So much yes on that one.

And if it wasnt enough his dad had also got me something. He picked out this necklace for me. By himself. G was shocked, Im dont even know what to say about that much love from his family. And his baby brother gave me an obsidian blade to keep the white walkers away (total GoT refrence).

So very sweet of his family. Especially since I kind of represent George not coming back to Sydney. Cant wait to meet them.

I also got a bracelet. A friendship bracelet with Harry, George and one of his friends in Sydney. Is it ok that im so flattered by not only being girlfriend showered with love but getting the friendship pat on the back as well? Im deciding its ok. Also looks sexy.

Finally (warned you) I woke up to find this hidden in my bag. My last little gift,sailor earrings, and the sweetest little note.

I dont know what to say after all that. You’re awesome dont really cut it. I might have squeeled a bit and sat with my Solo print in my lap ALL night. There might also have been a lot of kisses. Bit of koala hugging. Not going to bed until 6 in the morning because so much to talk about.

And a lot of love. Totally that girl. Because its not really the gifts (even if Han Solo is AMAZING) but whats behind. His family wanting to welcome me, George looking so proud for giving me something I love so much and all that thought and thinking put into it.

And just him. Because he makes me so very happy.

The parents 70th

Ok, the last Sweden post. About time since im back in Sweden on Thursday.

My last Saturday was time for mum and dads 70th. It was a party. Apparently too much of a party since they called and complained about us not having cleaned the place properly. Being told off like a kid.

First party though. Sis, me and Jakob’s Samdra. Sandra and me very matchy in gold. Not easy being introduced to the giant family. So i made sure to wear flats (also because soo much nicer when on a boat. Or like always.)

Jakob pulls the whole tall sisters off a bit easier. Like my flashy bag in the back, thats the kind of thing ol would never had let slide.

Love this pic. They look so clever. Both in my dads ties. Fashion. Both my Dad once and the men that follows his lead.

Yeah, yeah. You are both gorgeous. And smart. And funny. And my god damn family. Proud and itsy bit jealous of all that awesome.

But hey. Mostly i just love you. And miss you. And frekking love hanging out for a danceathon and all you can drink party.

Then we were on a boat. And dad was handsome. Gave a very lovely speech to my mum. And got a speech from his Uni friend. Which explains everything. Dad is actually a norwegian spy, that is what he was doing all those years when he was just gallivanting around Stureplan. Go figure.

Mum and Hans Petter. It was a beautiful sunset outside so the best setting to celebrate my amazing parents.

Me and the siblings did a speech as well. It went well. I hope. We had people laughing at least and mum cried a bit. Mission accomplished.

But mostly we were the cool kids and went for cigarettes. Hanna was there as well. She is coming to visit me in London, Ill hold her to that promise.

Just because so, so beautiful. Damn i love Sweden sometimes.

Then we drank to 5 in the morning. Cant really say a thing we spoke about but hey, thats standard summer night behaviour.

Back in a couple of days Sweden. Hope you missed me.

Living in pink

Monday. Its pouring down. Like total amazonian crazy rain. Oliver and me decided to meet in the park and he got met by two pretty pissed off drenched rats this morning.

Angry this morning. Might be the rain. Might also be going back on the pill. Need to keep a close eye on this so I dont go hormonally crazy. Never knew how much that had to do with it before becuase been on FOREVER but this time around will monitor. Want to keep being as care free as Ive been for the last almost a year. Not raving bitch.

Anyway, hormonal women aside. This weekend was lovely with no alcohol and a lot of walking. Went for dinner at Kix and Robins on Friday. Me and Alex did serious stuff like talk duck and cause mayhem. #lovedbyparents

We also took sexy selfies. Strong selfie game.

After a while Ella and Stan rocked up and Stan held the flag high by drinking almost 2 bottles of wine by himself. The rest of us were more or less sober. High five bulgarian man.

Saturday morning had a healthy breakfast, met Katta for a 3 hour walk around the river, went to Havelock and then home to the sofa. Look at me being all…un me. And yeah, i do feel a bit healthier and all that BUT im also bored. Or maybe not bored but definitely ready for a party. Good thing my lovely nut case is coming home today to get me out of my health funk.

On Sunday took snapchat selfies with Lollo and she said this is how she sees me now that im all silly in love. Surrounded by a pink shimmer. Maybe kind of true (Oh my, cool is so out the window).

After chatting for an hour she showed up at my door and then we headed to Richmond with katta and eventually Ella with 2 dogs (was a bit of a shit storm when i forgot my phone at home and almost missed Ella). Had the loveliest day, even saw the sun for like 2 seconds and then W and me died on the sofa.

Today mostly trying to NOT look like I want the day to be over like now so I can go meet G at the airport.

Rocking no cool

So, whaddup in London? Nothing much. Busy being somewhat healthy and getting body back on track for all the party. With healthy meaning sleeping more than 4 hours a night and eating non liquid dinners.

This is me shuffling around at home in George’s sweater. Yes, im THAT girl. His friends are convinved ill go all gone girl on him and prove im not as cool as I seem. What they dont know is that im not planning on staging his murder of me (too complicated also actually like my life) ill just become more and more clingy. And needy. And wearing ALL his clothes.

See me un cool myself by the minute.

Woolly decided he was a human. Why not. Only a little duvet and a pair of glasses sliding down his nose missing.

‘Worked’ from home yesterday (seriously. Who works when they resign? If job wants to keep me 3 months ill make the best of it. Hence ‘working’.) 

Met Katta for a walk at Scrubs in the morning, then had a meeting at new job and then went for another walk with Ella. Looking like a serial killer all through. Fashion AF.

Once at Ella’as after 4 hours of walking the sun peeked ut. Suns out Pimms out. Thats English law. Threw healthy, non drinking, out the window at the first waft of alcohol. Because being me.

Then thunder storm, sofa and GoT. How did i forget how nice home time is. 

This morning rocking a very limitlessesque cardigan making sure to take picture for G so he knows what he missing being away. Not long now. 3 more sleeps and then ill hand cuff myself to him for at least 3 days (then off to Sweden).

Im even meeting him at the airport. Yes, being THAT girl too. You see, no cool whatsoever.

Swede living

I stayed on in Stockholm after the wedding. Until Thursday. That might seem like a fair amount of time but given wedding Sunday and toastmaster duties Tuesday I only had Monday and Wednesday free. No matter what there is just never enough time. My 5 hours extra a day dont apply in Sweden. 

Anyway. Things were done, people met and bone marrow out of Stockholm sucked. Kind of. Ok, maybe more slowly slurped. Im older now peeps. On Monday we lajvade life and sat in Humlan getting some sun.

Ingo was the lady of the hour and entertained us by trying to run away half the time. Or getting herself killed. Not sure which one. You’ll have an interesting time with that one Filippa…

Me. Hung over. Thats what goes when bridesmaiding yourself through a whole day full of sneaky booze. Also deathly pale. Not sure how i will manage to look like a fairy at Filippa’s wedding.

That evening I bought Sanna and Peter dinner and we sat down in front of GoT. Best ever. Peter, im you eternally grateful for introducing Sanna to all the important things like Star Wars and fantasy.

After that we had one for the ladies and watched Magic Mike XXXL. This is Sanna trying to entice Peter by doing some sexy chair dance. Not sure if she is doing it right. Peter looks perturbed.

On Wednesday chillin with this little angel. Mini Marina now becoming proper Swedish hanging in my old hoods around Karlaplan. Weird. I told Laura she would become me. I saw a flicker of panic in Laura’s eyes, not sure she wants a party girls owning Stureplan. Oh well, i turned out ok:ish

The mommies, F and Ingo was also there, had wine, ciders and oysters and the baby girls seeing how being a Östermalms lady is done. By never ending lunches in the sun. Marina, i think you’ll ace this. 

After lunching for hours with Laura, Filippa, Marina and Ingo we went to Hallwylska for drinks joined by a pregnant Alexandra, breast feeding Maria and a pram pulling Erik. Good thing bella, Sanna och peter showed up proving thay you can actually exist and NOT be either preggers or babied in this town. Phew. Could see my swede license being pulled.

I was being an excellent aunt. I feel that Ingo and me will have many good times. We can be rebels together. Ill have your back when mum and dad are boring Ingo.

After that had dinner at Bistro Berns with the couples and then took Albin for a drink at Riche with Bella meeting us. Still having it ftw (i mean, summers are made for GT drinking to at least midnight)

On Thursday went with F to see her dress (beauty) and then headed down to first Nyköping for a night and then the country house.

How i love this place. Instant peace and quiet.

Took some walks. Patted some horses. Contemplated a life living like this growing veggies. Always happens when im here. Instant brain failure. As soon as I leave I realise that i LOVE the big city life.

Wearing my new trousers. They are like a built in fan and tan system in one. Too bad it was cold and no sun.

Took some slefies for George in my country house outfit. He needs to know what he is getting into. Cant be icy cool rocker chic always (pretty convinced thats how he sees me).

Also this. No wonder i believed in trolls as a kid. You can see them right? Im pretty sure they are hiding in there.

Went on a social call to another baby. Otto 7 weeks old. He thanked me by sleeping like a frog on my chest. Best thank ever. He also gave me free access to baby smell. My uteris was in heaven. Or maybe hell. Its pretty empty in there.

But, leaving I was happy as larry knowing I was off to don my finest and go drink GT with the family all night. Hooray for babies but HOOORAY for fun times.

The clothes make the man (or woman)

I have a lot more to show you from Sweden but first a little pit stop in the moment. Carpe diem you know.

Me in my new dress from Sweden. Showing off the lovely surroundings of our office bathroom. Not so form fitting and therefore reasonable flattering. I was contemplating showing you my new bathing suit as well. But then again, bathing suit. On a pale, GT induced body. Im saving you from that.

However, I got something even more scary but also brilliant to show you…

George as a 12 year old in the BEST JACKET EVER.

I just cant stop laughing when seeing this picture. Because so cute but also WTF. This is his prom. At 12. In that jaket. So much love for whoever chose that. And so much love for 12 year old George.

Do i need to say i really want him to come home now after that genius picture, that guy knows how to keep a girl enthralled (he might also have said he has bought me gifts. So much yes on that one)

Giving you this one for good measure as well. George dressed as a bulgarian. Note the chest hair. And gold chain. The rest is just him