Kind of tired now

Went up to hang with George at Found last night. With all the traveling don’t see him much so it was needed. Also had a Found Cake. Even more needed.


Woolly was bar dog and hung in his normal corner while I talked to Conal and Ben. 
I feel like I never see my friends any longer. Between always being away and having the dog when I’m home I haven’t seen anyone for ages. It’s not like I see George instead. 
Miss my friends. Miss my life. 2016 – the crazy wedding/hen do/work trip/always traveling year. 
If there is one thing I wish for 2017 it’s less of that. And a holiday that I get to choose. Without anyone getting married. Please universe. I’ll be nice. 
Saying goodbye to man, hound and London I keep smiling. Because what else can you do. Also realising I haven’t even bought a wedding gift because literally no time. 
Tax free cigarettes!? 
Best thing is mums home cooking and getting picked up at the airport though. 

Killing machine

Woolly had a little moment earlier today. A ‘in going to kill and own you’ moment with his very first and most beloved toy.

Hurt what you love? Or just the frustration of having to be in bed with George all morning? 
Something is definitely up when you do this to your bff…
Off to Sweden tomorrow for yet another wedding. That makes it the 5th I think. And I don’t even know what number Sweden trip this year. In and out of nyköping though. 
Will try and get a cheeky in at Found tonight to actually get to see someone here in London since it feels like I’m mostly travelling or licking my wounds on the sofa with the killing machine. 

France je t’aime

Ok, here comes some pictures from our crazy, french castle weekend. 

We went to my friend Jeans ‘country house’ about an hour south of Paris. There was 10 of us from London and about 30 coming from Paris.
Jeans parents had fixed food and made beds and organised everything. Absolute angels. 
This is George and mine princess room up in the castle. Felt like straight out of pride and prejudice 
Until I found the library. Then I felt like Belle from beauty and the beast. 
The castle was absolutely stunning.  And old. I felt like I would trip over things at any second. 
But enough about castle, let’s get to the most important thing, the party..
We had an awesome time dancing around all night with the best people 
There was piano playing and girl talk 
A bonfire and sing a long 
Endless dancing in funny hats 
Cheering with new found best friends 
Guitar playing 
And some private ‘I love you’ times. 
At 4 in the morning it was even oysters. I mean come on. What else could you possibly need ever? 
Oh yeah, why not a 100 year old ping pong table. Or a moat, or a river with crayfish, or our own DJ music set up. 
Thank you castle, it was the best of times. 
Then we missed the flight home, had to buy a new one and wasn’t home until 2am. But let’s focus on the positives. 

Back in London


Have had some issues with my app to blog here so sorry for no update since the crazy Paris trip. 
I survived and am back in London getting ready for a weekend in Sweden. Then holiday from travelling. Never thought I’d admit to being SO tired of travelling but I am. Just want to be in London and see my friends. 
Anyway, the very wet picture above is mondays when it was pouring down. Yesterday came home to chill with mini hound and then George brought some friends over – candace and Conan. 
Conal is on my good side after giving me this cool bracelets from one of his shoots (he’s a stylist for bands). Never say no to gifts…
Tonight taking it easy at home and finding a dress for this weekends wedding. Will also try and post some photos from the weekend to let you in on my princess dream I lived (minus lost flights etc)

Leaving. Again.

In this very moment being tired on the Eurostar because early right now and also somewhat late dinner last night. But, have two hour sleep time before arriving in Paris. Also wearing biggest cardigan to snooze in because know it gets cold by now.


Reason for late dinner? We had Dan, Lucie and Lucies talented sister Marketa who wrote the play Dan starred in, over for dinner. And ciders. Many ciders.

Woolly loved everyone since the food came from the Turkish. All my training with that little dude flew out the window.

We mostly looked at pictures of their cat and laughed at Woolly. Ah pets, best thing ever.

The boys made their take over the world plans again and made me question my sanity a little bit when I decided to start going out with a guy who answered ‘you sew in her trousers a little bit every week’ on the question to how to break a woman.

Was thinking my clothes don’t really fit any longer…

Then everyone tried my glasses because hilariously geeky.

Dan also stole the metal on our cheap lighters to line his jacket with. He is one weird dude that one.

Haha. Very funny. Can’t help that when I wear them I look like a sexy nerd (I tell myself).

Now Paris. Wish me luck on the company wide presentations I’m doing today and tomorrow. Good thing I still have Sanna’s beta blockers from the wedding.

Charging my batteries

Had a quiet weekend at home in preparations for Paris this week. I’m heading already tomorrow morning and won’t be back until Sunday late.

Since it’s both pretty bad ass meetings in Paris as well as Jeans party I’ll need all the energy I can save up.

Hence full on battery charge all weekend.

On Friday we took team photos. Building the best team ever. Stevie does however hate being the short ass in the middle.

Went straight home from work and mega chilled all evening in my new, they make me sick they are so sharp, glasses.

On Saturday me and George headed to the park and met Kix, robin and Alex. Cake eating and tea drinking. Very sophisticated.

Finally Kix and George got to meet each other. So weird when so many of my absolute best friends haven’t met the guy I’m living with. I want the best people in the world to meet each other because so much awesome.

When George had to leave for work Woolly and me decided to join (honestly, W didn’t have much of a say…)

Family photo. One of those 21st century ones with a divorce dog and 4 different nationalities represented living in a country none of us are from.

Put W in his corner at Found. He is looking extremely sorry for himself but he had a pretty good time being fed left over scotch egg and cuddling with me for most of the night.

We headed home when the place for busy and lived out our biggest dreams by eating canned mackerel on the sofa like there are no rules to life at all. Bad to the bone.

Sunday park time. It’s prime squirrel season at the moment. Someone’s is NOT sorry.

After going straight back to bed and then out for a second walk with Katta Woolly and me fell asleep on the sofa like the crazy kids we are.


Swankifying life

Today’s mind. Being a tad hung over and it’s pouring down. But, loving the rain because it means I can stay on the sofa ALL night.

There is always a silver lining.

So why hung over? Dani happened. She is London for the weekend taking a break from her glamorous life in SF.

We went to Palomar, an amazing Israeli restaurant in Soho and ate all the food and drank all the cocktails. Once done with that and having acquired a SF dude Dani met in the bar we went to Loulous.

They barely let me in wearing t-shirt. Damn those members clubs. But I gave them my best ‘who do you think you are’ and sailed in.

I had to hide most of the time from Danis friend who remembered my love for shots from years back. Cool story but not when I’m working the day after. Yup, have become that girl.

Got told it doesn’t suit me acting all grown up.

Eventually left. As in Dani and Christian tried to drag me to the bar with their best puppy eyes and I actually left.

High five me.

On the way back texted with my man busing his way through town. He is a romance god. Kind of.

Tonight cherishing the rain, my bed and some serious Netflix action.