Being George

Since my life is not super exciting at the moment I have borrowed a day out of George life to entertain you with.

‘Waking up. Body is in agony. Thats what i get for playing two games of ball last night. But i scored a third of all the goals. A third. I rule! And i got to hang with ma boys. Love Jay, he is awesome.

Turning over and hugging the sexy swede next to me. The snoring, open mouthed sexy swede. Oh well, you cant win them all. At least she is soft in all the right places. And warm. Then she leaves to walk the dog and i gloriously fall straight back to sleep. George vs tuesday morning 1-0

Day is good. I feel good. Or, my body is in pain but i feel hawt. Hair on point. Rings on point. Me on point. I walk around London and i just love this city. Pop into a couple of bars. Have some drinks. Chat to some people. Being George.

End up at Home with the crew. Stu is back in town and Harry and Mike come and join us.The boys are back together. We drink old fashioned and no more pain. Im buzzing on life and friends and being alive. Fuck, i love my friends.

Cissi sends a picture. Naaaaw. They are so cute. Even the little fart machine. Cant wait to snuggle. But first, more drinks with my boys. I am having way too much fun to go home just yet.

On the tube home i realise im hammered. Send a ‘im sorry im drunk’ text to CC but smiling to myself. Ive had the best night and i know she is not really upset about.

Next morning. Wake up. Head pounds. Shit, i promised i would walk the little monster today. At least i brought Stu into this mess with me. Nice to get out though. Its cold, muddy and brown but pretty nice. So I decide to take an arty picture. Of some flowers in the mud. Life right now.

After having let the cleaner in I head out and walk into a flooding. Looks cool but WTF. So far today vs George is a solid 0-2.

But the only way is up!

Growing pains

Two more days…

I know, i know, its not as ecxiting for anyone else but i NEED this in this bleak and dreary january. I feel like im moving through some sludgy mud right now. Brown, cold, smelly mud.

At least its was pretty out this morning. All frosty (RIP garden) and sunny.

Ravenscourt is mostly a mud bath during the winter but showed off its prettiest side this morning.

Catching the sunrise. Because im that kind of person. Since its only 2 weeks until im 36 i realised yesterday that im definitely not young any longer. Not by any stretch of the imagination. I dont mind but it kind of hit me. Like ‘wooaa, i should be all grown up and shit’. Not sure what todo with that other than celebrate my last two weeks of 35 with gin and tonics.

Woolly posing in the sunlight. He is pretty my hound (dont care about the haters that think he is ugly but cute. He is magnificent)

Stu and me chilled at home last night. Makes me feel very ungrown up having an Aussie living in my spare room. And i love it.

Catch the sunshine

Stu arrived in London this morning. He’ll be staying with George and me for a while. Plus he’ll cover for Natalia when she is on maternity. Yes, ill be seeing him pretty much 24/7. George is out playing basket so we’ll have dinner together. Switching one man up for the other 🙂

Yesterday the sun peaked out for a while in London and we took W for a long river walk.

Looking expectantly at George hoping he’ll throw a stick. Little do he know that when George reads there is no love.

Me squealing ‘its sunny lets take a photo’

And George letting me know that im facing the wrong way to actually catch the sun. So we turned and this is the proof of the very bleak london january sun.

A bit of artsy photography to lighten your Monday morning mood. Im listening to Disney songs but i know thats not everyones cup of tea.

Another riveting night in my life

If I was a pro blogger I would bless your feed with perfectly staged pictures and posts about all the high fashion clothes I’m wearing or the cool places I’m visiting.

I’m not. So this place have way too many pictures of me sitting on a sofa. I know that. But that’s who I am. And what this space is. Little letters to family and friends.

Yesterday I was once again treated to dinner. Lollo made veal and apple stew. It was delicious and she definitely can’t play the ‘I can’t cook’ card any longer. Because she can. Even if she did forget the stock.

Katta and lily were also invited to this food fest and we had a full on girls night. All the boy chat. 3 gorgeous single girls do that. I mostly acted as the wise old man telling stories about how to catch a man (HA!! We all know it’s pure ‘stumble upon your soulmate at a SW party’ luck).

After a night of dissecting odd man behaviour (why are men so weird) I headed home to my men. They weren’t particularly odd, just snoozy mc snoozy on the sofa.

Right now I’m having brekkie trying to face time my dad. Pick up dad!!

Slow January days

W and me are chillin on the sofa right now. Yes it’s Saturday during the longest month of the year. I swear January have been going on for at least 3 months.

But spring is happening out there. Not only am I gardening like a crazy person with no idea what I’m doing Mother Earth is doing the same. Except she is clued in on how it works. Looking pretty.

Last night I took mini man for dinner at Katta’s. Delicious as always. Love having friends who knows how to make restaurant standard food while I just sit and enjoy.

Especially the dessert. Vanilla ice cream mixed with raw ginger, citrus salad with mint and pomegranate and candied nuts. Hell yeah.

W was mega silly being afraid of the balloon at Katta’s so I had to sit with him on the sofa. Seriously. He is the biggest wimp ever.

Tonight dinner at Lollo’s (love going from place to place) and tomorrow baby shower for Jean and Natalia. Then NYC next week. Can’t wait for a break from work. And life.

New bling

4 years since we picked this little hero up from Battersea. Look at his freaked out eyes. Not easy being just a teenager having been abandoned by your family, gone through surgery and living in a kennel. He stayed in the nook of my legs for 3 days after we got him. Scared that it would all go away.

Im happy to say he is our little happy monster now. Loved by two families and spoiled rotten. He deserves it being the best doggo in the world.

Woke up in the middle of the night yesterday feeling nauseated. Not sure what was going but my stomach was in agony all day. So i stayed in bed and opened the doors to our garden.

And enjoyed the TV out landlord has set up in the bedroom. Not a big fan of TV but not unhappy to watch it laying down eating greek yoghurt. Being sick in style.

Suddenly George came in bearing gifts. He made me a new weforj ring. I love that its so simple. Suits my other rings and I can wear it pretty much all the time. Thanks babe, still loving having a private jeweller.

Taking selfies of the ring. I sure aint no model.Just havent got the hang of this making yourself pretty for social media. Lets go for a robe look instead.

This was me ALL day. I did leave the house to buy provisions since George had to jump in last minute working at found since our friend Leanne had to go to the hospital with broken ribs. She is allright.

Tonight dinner with Katta chillin for my last weekend before NYC.

Hamilton you roller coaster of emotions

Went to see Hamilton yesterday. I got us tickets a year ago. It sold out in hours. I totally see why.

It’s a crazy, amazing, mind blowing musical experience like nothing else. I don’t know how they make 18th century politics so riveting but I was on the edge of my chair for the whole thing. And I cried.

George and me very excited at the theatre not really knowing what to expect but hyped up by the queue outside.

The stage. I loved that is what such an understated stage decor making the acts and singing shine even more.

Stole this from lucies insta story. I think that’s how all of us felt. Everyone left the theatre in a daze. If you ever get the chance to see Hamilton take it, even a non musical fan like George loved it.

Or as time out says it…

Cane home and took W for a walk. There is a fox we keep meeting on the road. W barks, the fix stares. I think they hate each other. Like a reverse Micke and Molle.

Woke up at 5 this morning feeling sick as a dog so today is working from bed day. Damn you dry January, I think I need the booze.