I’m with batman

What a grey and rainy weekend. London at its finest. 

But, I did it all to fight the grey. Friday met Katta, ella and Eric for dinner at Kricket. Alcohol free of course. Katta and Eric are doing dry jan as well so we were a crazy bunch going home at 9.30.
See us rollin they hatin. 
Saturday got woken up by a delivery. George got me a new PJ. He’ll yeah I’m with Batman.
And because all that extra energy I keep talking about i decided to go planting some shit. Wearing shorts. In January. It was freezing. 
But I’m stubborn AF so I planted my shizzle in the freezing rain.
Let’s just say I have NO idea what I’m doing. Like really. My blueberries is a stick. I just pushed into the mud and are praying to some earth god. 
But I’m rooting for you my little jasmine.
Then we chilled because January.
In the evening it was Emma’s bday at Found. So much fun. I watched everyone get drunker and drunker and drank loads of coffee. 
Sunday woke early, lit all my candles and ate candy on the sofa. Then it started snowing and I watched my poor plants freeze to death out there. 
Had a hankering for cake so took G to Ravenscourt for double serving of banana bread and carrot cake. 
W was praying to the cake gods. They heard him. 
And that was my weekend. Only 10 days until we leave. Can’t wait. 

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