Reliving the Christmas spirit

Since im with a new fancy blog and all lets post some of the proper camera pictures from Christmas. Almost like a real blogger.

DSC02501George getting himself ready for all the Christmas to come

DSC02510Like dressing the tree with dad

DSC02518And wearing glitter in his hair

DSC02531Chilling with all the ladies in the family

DSC02538Sexy country side outfits on the one day of snow.


King of the world…

DSC02563Family photo. Hey family, as you can see thi blog is now letters to you and all the family and friends i have everywhere.

DSC02586The sisters and Per waiting for food.

DSC02587Baby bro and my man. Yes i have awesome men in my life.


DSC02595Think both me and baby bro need to work on our poses. Seiously…

DSC02596Go with the old school V sign behind the head. Aways a winner.

DSC02609To survive swede christmas you need ALL the drinks. Thats a fact.

DSC02637Just Santa chillin out.

DSC02644Good thing that there is a very small family for George to get to know.

DSC02652Nailing that sexy look in the new sweater from George.


DSC02661The minis coming to visit. Not so mini any longer.

DSC02668Sneaking up on dad. A favourite of mine.

DSC02699Hanging with my god daughter. And her phone.


DSC02710Getting a make over from a 6 year old. What could go wrong?

DSC02715Nothing!! Perfect zombie look (she might have been aiming for Unicorn but who cares)


DSC02735Awkward family photo. Clearly im not the only one owning the child pose.

DSC02739Thats better. We actually look alive which is an improvement.

Soon off

Only 8 more days until we are leaving for NYC!! I’m beyond excited. I have a feeling this will be an epic trip.

Because we got the tickets to Colbert. The whole reason for taking George. I started planning this trip in August and finally all is done.

Not only that, Gina is a sweetheart and is taking us to a show. Between her and George they made my day finding a show about the hufflepuffs called the Puffs. It looks amazing! Whats not to love about a show about the non heroes of Harry Potter?

And we are doing a disco brunch. On our anniversary. Last year we had pizza in bed, this year we are doing a drag show disco brunch. Yes, it is going to be so awesome.

Yesterday got a package from Sydney. Kat sending us stylish t-shirts and W a set of squeaky Xmas toys. Winning the friend game. Feel like me and Zoolander will ace NYC together.

And tonight Hamilton. Cissi vs January 1-0

I’m with batman

What a grey and rainy weekend. London at its finest. 

But, I did it all to fight the grey. Friday met Katta, ella and Eric for dinner at Kricket. Alcohol free of course. Katta and Eric are doing dry jan as well so we were a crazy bunch going home at 9.30.
See us rollin they hatin. 
Saturday got woken up by a delivery. George got me a new PJ. He’ll yeah I’m with Batman.
And because all that extra energy I keep talking about i decided to go planting some shit. Wearing shorts. In January. It was freezing. 
But I’m stubborn AF so I planted my shizzle in the freezing rain.
Let’s just say I have NO idea what I’m doing. Like really. My blueberries is a stick. I just pushed into the mud and are praying to some earth god. 
But I’m rooting for you my little jasmine.
Then we chilled because January.
In the evening it was Emma’s bday at Found. So much fun. I watched everyone get drunker and drunker and drank loads of coffee. 
Sunday woke early, lit all my candles and ate candy on the sofa. Then it started snowing and I watched my poor plants freeze to death out there. 
Had a hankering for cake so took G to Ravenscourt for double serving of banana bread and carrot cake. 
W was praying to the cake gods. They heard him. 
And that was my weekend. Only 10 days until we leave. Can’t wait. 

Gardening duty.

Friday! Just got a message saying my 10kg worth of garden stuff is on its way. I might have over done this a tad. As always I have NO idea what I’m doing just hoping my greenish fingers will work it out (this is based on me keeping some cactuses alive).

George is going to love being woken up by that delivery. 
Went to a comedy show with some colleagues last night. It was epic. Needed in January. 
Tonight meeting Eric and Katta for dinner in town. We are all doing dry jan so it’ll be an early, grown up affair. 
Then, weekend. And only 13 more days until we are off to NYC. Brap. 

I’m a princess


Got princess hair again!! I go to the hairdressers once a year and come out looking like Kate Middleton. It lasts for about a day and then I’m back to being a bit rougher around the edges. 
Here is a collage of princess hair through the years 
Last year coming home from Australia I cut those sun bleached tresses off. Voila – princess. 
The year before I had just met George and warned him that I would look insta posh. 
I also wrote this very sweet text about him 
I was clearly already very in love with him.
The year before that I was heartbroken and even if I cut my hair I didn’t post about that. I wrote about the world being dark instead. 
2014 – worked for Gamesys and had my slightly cooler hairdresser making me princess but with a bit more of an edge.
2012 – princess!! Again. Clearly sporting a side parting at this time in my life. But still all princessy. 
2011. Dressed for success in the office (and working that bathroom selfie). Kate and Will got married and I seriously started growing that princess hair.
From the shorter Stockholm look I had when I first moved to London 2010.
8 years of London. 8 years of princess hair. 

Hair trimming shizzle

Getting a hair cut today. It happens every 10 months. Yes, my vanity doesn’t get the best of my at all times. 

I did however use my awesome hair puller thingie trimmer from Philips going all in on my moustache pulling it all out. That is pain I’m telling you. George looked on with fascination. 
The things you get to see when you are 2 years in…
Took a walk along the river yesterday and today. Sunny and freezing. All to get some exercise in the dark of January avoiding the gym. 
Then we chilled on the sofa and watched peaky blinders. Family <3.
This morning our cleaner had a break down in the kitchen since her dad died last week. So George and me hugged her and stroked her tears away. She’s been with us for over a year now so even if it felt a bit weird I was glad we could be there for her. 

My sthlm girls

Maggie sent through some lovely photos from our afternoon hang out with my sthlm girls over Christmas.

Chill out in maggies new flat. 
Me and baby Olivia in the dress I gave her for Xmas. 
Eric and ingrid. She is so big now. A whole little person. 
Filippa as a brunette. Still so weird. 
George being swedified. 
So crazy all my girls are mums now. 
Teaching the new generation 
Dance party. Or as Ingrid says – tantdisko.
Such a lovely time. Miss them extra much today.