Welcome February

Finally February!! You grey, rainy, cold beautiful month. The daffodils are shyly peaking up and the crokuses are more boldly scattered everywhere in London.

George sent me a picture of things to come. His put the ice in the freezer and bought cucumber. I did have to stop him from making me one for breakfast. I am excited about a drink but not THAT excited.

Lunch though….

We had leaving lunch for Natalia who is leaving for her maternity in 2 weeks. Team goals!

And then i had a delightful dinner. I am a culinary wizard. Bet thing about the new place, the hard bread dont go soggy. Good thing since im still waiting for my xmas gift from baby bro (not from this year, the year before) in form of a hard bread tin.

Then did what i do best – chilled with master chiller.

Saying bye for now, might give a little update from NYC but otherwise you’ll get it all at the other end.

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