It was all truly magical

So yes, it happened. The best day ever. George asked me to marry him and i said YES (i hope, i dont remember much. I blame the shock) and I even cried. Me. The girl who never wanted to get married cried when she got asked. And there was no doubt that i want to be with him forever. Thats what that man does to me.

Lets start from the beginning (I warn you, this will be a long, sappy post)

This is us. Very excited on the tube out to Gatwick. Having planned this from August i was very happy to finally be on my way to the magical land of NYC. Magic always happens to me in the big apple but little did i know the epicness of this trip.

It could have started better. I was stressed (thats what i do when i fly) and George was tired of my stressed (that what he do when we fly). When the flight turned out to be 2h late we were both in an awesome mood…

But after a not too painful flight (bravo norwegian) and checking into our epic hotel (hands up Hotel Indigo Lower East side) we found the hotel bar. And made friends. And had shots. Hello non dry february. We even found a pizza place. Hence the super happy face.

Friday morning. NYC gave us -10 but that didnt stop us from starting the morning planning general awesomeness.

Two people VERY happy about a freezing cold NYC (well, one had bigger plans for this day than the other but hey, shopping is a worthy goal…)

The sun! But, those cheeks are not rouge, only biting cold. Because seriously cold!

We had an amazing, way too big, american breakfast around the corner. With both milkshakes and bloody marys. Go big or go home should be the tag line for this city (or maybe get big and go home. It was a lot of food)

After food George took me to the highline and we looked at the city glittering in the sun. Bit windy up there though (like I seriously considered if my leg stubble would crack of all icied up).

But he wanted to keep walking. So after the highline we went into the city and eventually ended up at Central Park. I seriously should have suspected something. My man NEVER wants to go to a park if I want to have a drink somewhere. But he insisted.

So we walked through a brown and white park watching the squirrels play before we got to the fountain looking over the lake (yes, it was very beautiful). In this perfect setting George tricked me to look away and when I turned back he was on his knee asking me to marry him.

Did I mention I cried? Because i did.

But i was also deliriously happy. Because i REALLY want to spend the rest of my life with this man.

(yes, it toally looks like its Georges hand here. Strong ring game)

After 10 minutes of crazy giggling (me) and thousands of kisses (george) we realised it was fucking freezing and couldnt feel our hands any longer so decided to go find a pub for….picklebacks! The drink of our relationship.

We got drunk. Did lots of kissing. Told people ‘this is my fiancee’. All that stuff you do when life is better than fantasy.

And yes, i kept looking at my beautiful ring. Over and over again.

We were exactly as cheesy and romantic as you can imagine your worst couple being. But i think that you are allowed, at least for one day.

In the evening we went to see the Puffs that Gina had gifted us. It was hilarious which was good since after all the emotional outpouring of the day we were both exhausted.

When i woke up on Saturday we were still engaged. And on my finger was still the most beautiful ring.

Its an emerald, for my love of green and to match my eyes, set in silver carved to look like the heart of a tree representing nature and my swedish forest.

There is something about the thought and love that has gone into that ring that i never thought i would have. I felt so incredibly loved knowing that George had captured me so well in the ring that he made for me.

Then we went and bought Georges his bday gift. A switch. I had to win back being the most awesome of this weekend again 🙂 . Unfortuntaley he is now lost to the world but a very happy boy.

So when he played i got ready for disco brunch. All dressed up in glitter. Or as the drag queen said ‘like a unicorn jizzed on your head’. Nothing at all wrong with that.

Yes, we bought disco bauble cups for the occasion.

Then i didnt take any more pics. Which is probably for the best. We met with Georges friends Tristan and Chris, drank way too many cocktails, then headed to another of his friends – Tiff, before ending at a very american after party to 4 in the morning. It was us and the 20-somethings.

Waking up the morning after was painful. But after hours in bed we took our tired bodies and walked all the way to Williamsburg for ramen.

And then all the way back in the rain to crash in bed in front of Superbowl.

And that his how we celebrated our 2 year anniversary. Hung over in bed. Classy.

In the morning of the monday we got a lovely gift from Lollo from all the way across the atlantic. Engagement GT. Best. Ever.

So naturally drank it in bed.

The view from our amazing hotel. We met Ed for lunch around the corner before packing our bags and getting ready to go back to London.

Only one more thing before normal life.


The reason we were here. It was amazing. George was in heaven. He laughed so hard i was worried he’d sprain a rib. Not that it wouldnt be worth it.

But we survived and headed back to the world.

Landing at 10am and going straight to the office i was met by love from my amazing colleagues. Balloons (yes, they are sausage dogs kissing) and a card from the team.

WooHooo indead!!

After work came home to two broken heroes. W had been puking blood for 2 days and George caught some american bug.

So i watched over them and peaked (yes, stared) at my ring from time to time (all the time).

Working form home today to make sure the little man is ok but he actually lifted his head up to drink some water.

Before going right back to dead.

I knew NYC was magic. I have spent a night in Rushdies house and after partied with models at the box. I swum in the Hamptons with my girls and stood in the sun rise on a boat in the Brooklyn harbour drinking whiskey.

I had every dream come true when ive been in this city but nothing prepared me for the feeling of being proposed to by the man that i love.

5 thoughts on “It was all truly magical

  1. SÅ FINT!! Och är det en flicka på denna jordskorpa som förtjänar varenda millimeter av romantisk kärleksextas så är det du ❤ All kärlek även från mig. // Kix


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