Back on track

I dont know whats up with my immune system this winter but i keep get taken out. I eat my vitamin C’s, I excercise (ish), i love my greens. Still im back in bed nursing my cold sore nose (thanks dad) and running a slight fever. I blame the non drinking and smoking ive been doing, dont think its good for me.

At least W and G are better. W just need another check up and then ill be back at work. Rocking it in the free world.

My 2 week tattoo. Very drunkenly on Saturday George tried to tattoo me with this home kit (only 2 weeks, no need to panic) but he, and me, where not in a state to work it out. So instead i now have like 3 tries all over my body and this is the best of the lot. Lets just say i have no desire to ever tattoo a spider. And thank god for cold weather and long sleeved sweaters.

I knew W was getting better when he started eyeing up my food. Having a dog is constantly feeling guilty about eating your own meals.

Sofa chill time. We are on the third season of peaky blinders and nothing takes us away from the sofa. Well, except for squirty dogs.

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