Looking straight into the face of fear

This is my face when I got an email about speaking at this huge London tech conference. With 55.000 attendees. Because gaaaaaaaah.

Sometimes I wonder why the universe keep throwing all of these super scary things my way and I kind of have to do them because my mantra is to do the things that scare you or you don’t grow. But wtf. I hate talking in front of people. But weirdly that’s where I’m slowly being herded at the moment.

I’ve decided to think about it over the weekend and then take a decision.

I’m in bed again. Cold. I was feeling very sorry for myself until George told me that it’s not so weird after a move, trips to sthlm, Barcelona and NYC and an engagement and to stop being such a drama queen.

Ok boss. But nothing will stop me from a cider tonight.

Couldn’t sleep last night so googled all things weddings. It’s a jungle out there. And so easy to get swept away. Talk about doing things that scare me.

Considering seated dinner vs foodtruck. Live music vs DJ. Actual white dress vs an awesome gown of any colour that makes me look banging.

The only thing i know is that I want the main colour to be emerald green. Like my ring.

(Ok, seriously forget all the super weddingy stuff in this picture. I just like the colour).

So yeah. Being the person I am I know what my life will be until we’ve decided when, where and how. A spreadsheet dream.

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