Being middle aged

After a quiet weekend at home nursing my never ending cold (yup, George calls me Naomi at the moment (I moan (ish) bakwards)) I was convinced to join the boys for a Mai Tai off at Trailer Happiness.

I didnt know that existed either…

On the tube having left the very cuddly mini snoozer at home. Yes, i was pretty excited to go out and see some people.

Drinking a pina colada. I kid you not but the pina coladas at Trailer is a little piece of heaven. I dont even like pina coladas after a run in with malibu at a tender age but these are something else. I had 3.

Tye at the competition. Everyone was wearing sexy hawaii shirts and rocking the drinks. Not a mai tai fan i kept on with my coladas. Why kill a winning, sugar filled, concept?

Tye didnt win unfortunately (not drinking his drink i have no idea if it was the best but he wins in my heart every time!!)

Since working today i made the boys leave at 10. You can take me out and show me, and the ring, around on a Sunday but being a grown up (most of the time) i will be in bed before 11.

But first, candy. Always candy.

George and me were discussung my age turning 36. Im not young any longer but im not really old yet. So i guess im…middle aged.

Yeah, thats depressing.

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