Dont grow up, its a trap

I survived my epic hungover yesterday and feeling better today. Good thing im out for more drinking tonight. Meeting Katta, Lollo and Madde for dinner and drinks. Need a girls night.

Last night went to see Black Panther. Love Marvel movies. Waiting for the crew to show up lit candles and enjoyed my flowers. Then we had pizza. Before having popcorn and the cinema. Bday week ftw!

Walked Woolly this morning. It was freezing. Missing spring now.

My hound in the sunlight. He is a proper little furry bum.

Its Natalias last day today and Udays sister made her a cake. A baby vodka cake. Love it. I want one of me hugging a gin bottle. That is probably what i will be doing this weekend. All covered in glowsticks.

Happy birthday me!

Cissi day continued. After being celebrated by the team at work and leaving to the tunes of Scooter i came home to meet up with George before dinner.

Mum and dad had sent a bouquet of lovely flowers waiting for me at home. Especially fond of the little Valentine diamond in there.

Then George came home with not only one, or two, but three cards. And i agree, we need more gin and who the fuck wants quinoa when there is cake to be had?

But it was the middle card that would prove mostly true for our night…

On the train on our way to Stillwater for drinks and GUMBO!!


Dan making us picklebaks with Bretts home made pickle juice. All kinds of delicious.

A grasshopper milk punch in the most epic grasshopper vessel i have ever seen.I have no words.

And then…


Sorry George but i might have to marry Brett. It was even better this time.

Grasshopper shots. When the milk punch isnt enough.

And a birthday peach cobbler made by the boozy peaches from their rum. OMG! (yes, its is a valid exclamation after that food). It was maybe the best, and booziest, dessert ive ever had. And true to the promise it got me smashed.

Ehrm yeah. Really smashed.To my birthday having loads of alcohol and bad decisions.

Crew! We scared away all the other couples and hung with Dan, Marshall and Brett.

All the love. Perfect for Valentines.

Then i woke up in bed not enough hours later with a pounding headache and the terrible realisation its only thursday and i have to go to work. Which i did because im a trooper but feeling like instant death.

Made better by the delivery of our confetti balloons. Totally looking like something else.


Happy birthday me!

Yes, today is my day and im going all out on that. Becasue i can and im happy and life is pretty damn good. Love getting older, it suits me. Moody, angsty teenager followed by depressed party queen have now turned into fairly content dog owner and gardener (ok, that made me seem REALLY old).

I just have a good balance at the moment (not helping my case here).

Yesterday met Elin for dinner. We talked life. Havent seen her in ages so lovely to have a catch up. After dinner George came and met us for a cheeky drink at Brewdog. And a pickleback. Because tasty.

Him and Elin high fived on loving Fast and Furious and Die Hard. Ok kids, you got that shit all to yourself.

Came home to snuggles. Love George’s superman lock. And W is not suffering, promise.

Freezing cold so dressing up in my fur. Ready to turn 36. The cleaner came this morning so there wasnt much time for celebrations. Good thing im getting gumbo tonight.


Elin gave me these lovely earrings. I have the necklace and have always loved it so this made me very happy. And feeling HAWT for my bday.

Happy Valentines everyone.

When i came into work my amazing team had got me a bday gift from France. My own, BIG, teacup. And tea from my favourite tea shop as well as macaroons. Yes, i agree, they are all kinds of awesome. I especially love the thought of Stevie and Marty sniffing around trying to find me the perfect tea. They aced it.

This is what a cupe of tea should look like! And yes, i have pretty much eaten all my macaroons for breakfast.

Making party happen!

We are doing a little mini celebration on Saturday. I wasnt going to do anything for my bday this year since we want to do a bigger moving in/bday thing in our new flat in April when the suns out (guns out) but then we got engaged and all that so now we kind of have to do something.

So we are getting the London crew together for a boozy and chilled hang out on Saturday. Must admit that after my weekend mostly at home im very up for hugging it out with the crew. So the ‘have to do something’ might be more along the lines of ‘yes, please, let me have a fun night out. Ill take any excuse’.

And because people in my life are all kinds of awesome all of a sudden i got this massive box delivered to work.

I started by spilling dirt all over the floor #sorrynotsorry

And then unpacked this wonderful orchid from Georges equally wonderful family. Thank you so much Gina and the boys. This is absolutely gorgeous.

Love my Australian family. Having family all over the world my heart is equally torn as filled up with love. In every time zone 🙂 .

Being middle aged

After a quiet weekend at home nursing my never ending cold (yup, George calls me Naomi at the moment (I moan (ish) bakwards)) I was convinced to join the boys for a Mai Tai off at Trailer Happiness.

I didnt know that existed either…

On the tube having left the very cuddly mini snoozer at home. Yes, i was pretty excited to go out and see some people.

Drinking a pina colada. I kid you not but the pina coladas at Trailer is a little piece of heaven. I dont even like pina coladas after a run in with malibu at a tender age but these are something else. I had 3.

Tye at the competition. Everyone was wearing sexy hawaii shirts and rocking the drinks. Not a mai tai fan i kept on with my coladas. Why kill a winning, sugar filled, concept?

Tye didnt win unfortunately (not drinking his drink i have no idea if it was the best but he wins in my heart every time!!)

Since working today i made the boys leave at 10. You can take me out and show me, and the ring, around on a Sunday but being a grown up (most of the time) i will be in bed before 11.

But first, candy. Always candy.

George and me were discussung my age turning 36. Im not young any longer but im not really old yet. So i guess im…middle aged.

Yeah, thats depressing.

7 years

I’ve been doing this for 7 years now. 7 years of writing a blog for my family and friends. Of sharing little snippets of my life. From moving to London, falling in love, falling out of love, heartbreak, friendships, a lot of dancing, depression, W coming into my life, new jobs, new homes, meeting my soulmate and getting engaged.

7 wonderful and sometimes hard years. Always worth it but at times such a struggle. Looking at it from where I am now it’s with a sense of peace.

But at least once I week I dream of it all disappearing. Of George breaking up with me. Of loneliness. My nightmare. A part of me feels that happiness is fragile.

I wake up with a sense of dread and George can kind of see it on me. The panic that i lost everything.

But he hugs me and W crawls into bed and it was all just a dream.

Had a drink in the pub yesterday. Took about 5 aspirin to cope. Bored with laying at home feeling shit.

But then we headed home again and W was the biggest snuggler and crawled up as close as he could get. Not a bad way of spending a Saturday with my little family.

It’s all going to be chilled today as well. But next weekend we are doing a mini celebration for my bday and the engagement. Woop wooop

Looking straight into the face of fear

This is my face when I got an email about speaking at this huge London tech conference. With 55.000 attendees. Because gaaaaaaaah.

Sometimes I wonder why the universe keep throwing all of these super scary things my way and I kind of have to do them because my mantra is to do the things that scare you or you don’t grow. But wtf. I hate talking in front of people. But weirdly that’s where I’m slowly being herded at the moment.

I’ve decided to think about it over the weekend and then take a decision.

I’m in bed again. Cold. I was feeling very sorry for myself until George told me that it’s not so weird after a move, trips to sthlm, Barcelona and NYC and an engagement and to stop being such a drama queen.

Ok boss. But nothing will stop me from a cider tonight.

Couldn’t sleep last night so googled all things weddings. It’s a jungle out there. And so easy to get swept away. Talk about doing things that scare me.

Considering seated dinner vs foodtruck. Live music vs DJ. Actual white dress vs an awesome gown of any colour that makes me look banging.

The only thing i know is that I want the main colour to be emerald green. Like my ring.

(Ok, seriously forget all the super weddingy stuff in this picture. I just like the colour).

So yeah. Being the person I am I know what my life will be until we’ve decided when, where and how. A spreadsheet dream.