Dinner heaven

I know that im going to sound like absolutely everyone else but im SO tired of the cold. Both being cold and having a cold. I left Sweden god dammit.

Oh well, daily rant done. Instead focusing on dinner with Ella tonight and lots of fun stuff going this week. Plus, it cant stay cold forever (she tells herself).

On Friday me and W took our furry little selves (not so keen on the shaving in these cold times) to Katta’s to get treated to some food and a listening ear.

Maroccan chicken tagine with coucos, Hands up for friends with cooking skills. (and see me rolling on the getting treated to dinners all week).

We planned life. It always feels like you work it out on these long nights discussing on the sofa but then monday comes and you are back to ‘WTF am i doing really’. My standard Monday plan is to become a dog walker and stop office life. Until i realise i need to walk like 10 dogs 4 times a day to survive. Then office dont seem so bad.

Woke up bright and bushy tailed on Saturday and ate a very swedish breakfast. Hardbread, kaviar and cheese on the tray Filippa gave us. This is how you breakfast people!

After a day on the sofa getting increasingly annoyed at all the twists and turns in Lost (what is going on man??) we headed out into Beast from the East 2.0. Or more like pup from the east.

To Lollo. Yet another home cooked dinner. I could get used to this. She made a lemon and thyme meat stew with potatoes. Delicious and perfect winter food. She can totally not get away with ‘i dont cook’ any longer. I see your bluff Miss.

George and me drank coktails and got tipsy and Lollo kept feeding us all while healthily drinking water. She’s crazy doing a marathon so fair enough. People like her make me feel like a lazy blob. But it takes skill to chill like me.

On the way home we had a snowball fight. Because you must and we are still totally kids. As you can see George got me good.

You take what you can get. A somewhat flavourless ice lolly (and dont worry, Lollo fed us dessert).

Came home to Liam having found his place in life. Our old man chair eating food from the lapdog. That tray is the best invention ever.

After having a drink on the sofa we fell asleep still clutching our glasses. Its depressing but true, we are getting old.

Sunday morning hangout time with my favourites. The best thing about out garden is that W wants to stay in bed forever on weekend mornings.

So that is what we do. Stay in bed forever. Especially when its snows outside, nothing better to do.

To make this snowy Sunday even better we decided to have a onsie day. Yes, we just hung around the house in our onsies. Me being a unicorn.

And George his spirit animal Chewbacca. Woolly was in his fur onsie as well. Less choice in the matter for that little dude.

When it was time to walk W couldnt be bothered to change our clothes. You are welcome London to this amazing sight.

Just your casual Sunday dog walking outfit. Two happy tails walking along.

Then George cooked me dinner (telling you, i am on a roll) and we watched more Lost. Im like a bear hiding away fro winter at the moment. I promise ill leave the sofa when spring comes.

I believe in you spring

Today it finally feels like spring outside. Its 10 degrees, sunny and friday. Cant get better than that. Im totally ignoring that its supposed to snow this weekend. Living in the now and carpeing the shit out of this diem.

London is dressing up. I absolutely love this city when its like this. When in Stockholm the trees would still be bare and the ground frozen London is filled with yellow daffodils, purple crokuses and pink blossoming trees. Reminds me again why i got stuck in this city.

Last night it was still light out when i picked up Woolly and we chilled together on the tube back home. We’ve got good times at the moment mini man and me. He is very cuddly and we’ve taken him off the meds without any signs of issues. Crossing all my fingers he is ok now.

Coming home to Liam staying with us he told me he’ll cook me dinner again. Yes please. You can stay with us as long as you want to if you keep cooking up a storm of deliciousness.

Lasagna on Bulgars Bad Ass Bolognese, garlic bread and salad. Anyone looking for a handsome, smart, funny man as well as a seriously talented chef Liam is a catch.

George was out working the bars with Stu. All of a sudden I got this photo. The heroes Stu, Emma and Harry had gotten us tickets to book of mormon. Yes please. I love that musical and i will love even more watching George enjoying it.

All while we were just chilling at home. W is starting to realise Liam equals food so he is very happy to have him staying with us.

Look at how its blooming out there. On our morning walk my winter jacket was too warm for the first time this year. Yes!

Met Moley and Mischkin and had a lovely walk around the park. I have a seriously good feeling about 2018. I mean, it started pretty epic with getting engaged to my dream man so its already hard to beat.

The AllBright

Back in my London. Its grey and rainy and its going to snow again this weekend but im all filled with good things after a great couple of days in Scotland and just generally feeling happy.

Got accepted to this newly opened female members club. Im not a fan of members clubs but this is working to empower women in business in the UK and this is something i really care about. Ive been looking for a way to be part of this movement and i hope that this will be a great way of doing this.

And it means i have a nice place to chill out when i need to.

Its called the AllBright and is in Bloomsbury (yes, my literary heart rejoices). They have a lot of seminars and workshops as well as a gym, a beauty saloon and of course a bar. Men is welcome which is a must for me. I dont want to be part of something that excludes men completely.

If you want to a read an article about it here is a good one. I have high hopes this will be a good space for growth and interesting conversations.

” The club’s focus, instead, will be on furthering female careers, starting female-led businesses, and celebrating successful women. “Women gain confidence from seeing other women in positions of leadership.”

I can see myself chilling and changing the world here…

After a days journeying i came home to realise i left the keys at home. 20 min outside before Liam, who is staying with us for a bit, let me in. He did cook us delicious food though so all forgiven. Love a man who cooks.

Big hands and pringles dont go well together. But who cares when you got matching dashing men in burg decorating your kitchen.

Yes. Very tasty and i ate a massive portion. Just what i needed after eating meat and potatoes for three days straight.

Scotland you beaut

I’ve had some lovely days in Scotland. Mostly inside meeting a lot of interesting people from all over the world and listening to some inspirational speeches.

Was a bit worried it was going to be very sell-y but it’s been good.

I did however manage to leave for a short walk around.

The hotel. You have to love an old Scottish mansion like this. Feel like a princess.

I just love the light in Scotland. It’s kind of purple blue. Tugs at my heart strings.

If I was into golf I’d definitely go here. I’m not though so happy to keep to my side of the road.

In all it’s glory.

Heading back to London today. A couple of more meetings in the morning and then off. Hopefully home safe and sound by 8 tonight snoozing up next to my man and mini hound.

On that note. I REALLY want to save Aled. Look at his little bow tie. I know we don’t have room or the time given that I’m sharing W but still.

No one wants him 😦

George’s big day

Hey guys. Hope life is treating you well wherever you are. I’m in sunny St Andrews awaiting a day full of meetings. It’s not too shabby, being wined and dined and taken here to talk shop with other marketing professionals.

However, let’s talk even more amazing times. George’s bday!! Finally 32 baby.

Woke him in the morning with breakfast in bed and two gifts. For both of us. Because I did give him a switch in NYC and wasn’t allowed to give him anything else.

And chocolate balls instead of cake. Because in George’s world chocolate balls win every time.

We left for crown and shuttle and I was wearing my SWAG t-shirt George gave me for my bday. What a couple huh.

Lots of awesome people came and we drunk ourselves a bit silly (sorry Gina and Mario, I failed on controlling his drinks).

After a couple of hours we went to callooh to say goodbye to Liam for his second to last shift. And hi to Dan gracing is with his presence.

Hi Dan.

With amazing Bulgarians. If we keep hanging with them maybe I’ll pick up a word or too.

And finally we ended up at Pimp Shuei. The place where it all started. George getting more love from his friends. Because he is the best.

We hung out and there was a lot of love and hugs going around.

Looking badass.

Then it was just never ending hangout with favourite people. All the happiness.

Yes, it was that kind of night.

Then we sang karaoke. To torn. Because best karaoke song ever.

The best person in the whole wide world. And I know, had to find him all the way from the other side of the world.

Crew!! Our friends are the best. Just saying.

On Sunday I felt like this. We sat on the sofa all day. Because we are heroes.

In the Scottish wilds

Ok, so I’m in Scotland at the Fairmont. It’s all brown, rolling hills and filled with sheeps. I love it. Just getting my self spruced up and then off for some networking.

See me rolling with the big boys.

My room is lovely. Feel spoiled.

I have my own desk. If, you know, I need to desk stuff.

And I have a shower and a bathtub. Geez.

We are going to get along just fine you fancy golf club resort and me.

Bye immune system

Im not sure what wrong with me at the moment. The weeks are never ending and i cant remember last time i was sick this often during a winter. Or, i can, but it was when i was deep in depression, barely ate and threw up what little i did eat and it shot my immune system to hell.

This time around i eat everyting, some junk but mostly veggies and healthy stuff, i sleep and im out all the time with Woolly. So no reasons to be going in and out of absolute exhaustion. I hope its just a backlash from a stressful December, crazy fun and busy February and some serious work stress going down.

Im even eating my vitamins. I never eat my vitamins.

Anyway, enough moaning about my crap immune system. On Wednesday i took George out for a pre birthday dinner. We went to El Camion for all the tacos. George was wearing his fancy pineapple shirt.

What a happy little fruit.

Me and all the hot sauces. Looking clever.

My devil of a man. When Oliver told us he was going to take W all night the devil horns came out and George and me decided to do the most of his birthday.

We went to Mimi’s and drank this beautiful criossant syrup based cocktail. We also helped naming the new cocktails on their menu. If you go to Mimis and have a Savvy Shrub (or maybe a Savvy Club) thats all down to George and if you have a The Dukes Negroni thats all me.

Rasa came by for a bit with face covered in glitter. Always love me a bit of glitter.

Happy times. This is where we should have gone home. We didnt. Poor choice.

Yesterday George opened the birthday gift from his mum. A spectacular Chewie robe. Its so soft and fluffy and amazing and I laid under it all day.

Yes, told you, immune system shot to smithereens at the moment.

Our flat is chaos. Problem with a sick me and hung over George is that we just move from room to room messing them up. This is the floor of our bedroom and yes, W is sleeping on my bra.

Next week im off to the Fairmont in Scotland for a work summit. They take me to this beautiful place for me to meet with some prospective partners and to network and wine and dine. Too bad i dont golf since this is the most famous golf resort in Scotland. Im away Monday to Wednesday. Then Paris the week after and then we are off for Easter.

Then, we relax.