Crisp pictures and blurry edges

I had high hopes for a sunny Friday with me and Katta drinking pimms in my garden  before going out tonight but its looking kinda bleak right now. Either way, some kind of cocktails will be imbibed before the night is over. Hello weekend.

After my long day in the garden I put on some real clothes and posed in Georges hat. And look, i got a dusting of a tan. Miracles do happen.

We had movie plans for the night and met up with a crew to go see Isle lof dogs. Loved it. Its Wes Anderson AND doggos. So sweet and weird and it made me want to get home to W and shower him in love. Doggos are the best.

After the movie we played around with my new phone. I have finally upgraded to an iphone X and the best thing is the camera. Its really excellent and I cant wait to let this blog almost look professional (if you disregard the fact that i just take weird pics of friends, dog and family).

One sexy piece of hunk. The portrait function make everyone look like they know what they are doing taking picures.

This is the face of total adoration and waiting for food. Same same in a doggo world.

I mean really, look at the quality of this picture. Who cares if the skies are grey when the grass looks like this.

I would say he is a natural. At being dog. He is also the cutest one alive but thats just my opinion.

Filling the world, and my phone, with pink. I know i have said it before but i really love this time of year. Its something about the cherry blossoms and magnolias that are so sweet.

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