Pimms season!

Ok, I’m warning you now. You are going to start hating on my gushing of my garden because you know, you would think there is only that much one can say.

Well, I’m challenging that. There is so much more loved to be shared for this magic place.

Yesterday I had to come home to W in the afternoon. Not sad about that. Enter garden mood.

W wanting to sleep close even if it’s boiling and he is wearing a fur pyjamas. He’s so cute though.

Katta came to join and we officially started pimms season. Pimms you lovely and sneaky poison. Head is in agony today.

Lollo took some time off from all that marathon training to come join us.

Furs and blankets. It’s April after all. But I’m hoping for at least a 6 month garden season.

Going tiki. It’s becoming the little paradise I’m dreaming of.

Then we went to found and found Dave. Sporting a moustache for some acting gig. Not a bad look.

Unfortunately there was some electrical issues so George and the crew had to close shop around midnight.

Well, I went home and teased my mini man with some food. How to make your dog stare lovingly at you.

SWAGing in bed. Not too cool for drunken selfies.

Today life goes in yellow. Trying to fight the headache. Damn you delicious pimms.

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