Hello London

London is so Sunday today. Woolly lies next to me on the sofa smelling of wet dog and George is eating everything he can lay his hands on. Perfect in my world.

Yesterday we had Amelia and Mike over for dinner. Decided that we were eating in the garden. Yes it was cold but our new heater saved our April in London asses.

Hello my new best friend.

The sky looked beautiful over the train tracks and we waved to the people coming by on the tube.

Yeah, our garden is starting to look like the tiki paradise I was dreaming of. Almost look like it could be warm. Or in Thailand. Or any other place that’s all warm and lovely (I miss the warmth.)

When it started raining we finally gave up. The plan was to play cranium but George had to bring the switch out first. Amelia is about as excited as I for that prospect.

Eventually we got going and we were all quite shit but all the fun. I realised I’m absolutely shit at humming bohemian rhapsody.

But good at making Big Ben in clay…

The best thing about having a florist over for dinner are the absolutely beautiful flowers she brings.

Sunday walking in a rainy Ravenscourt.

My favourite heroes playing together.

Sexy slow mo of my man showering himself in cherry blossoms.

Tomorrow leaving early for Paris and way too many meetings. What happens when you haven’t been there for months.

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