Paris, Paris

In Paris today. It rains and i had to get up at 6am (hear that tiny violin). On a brighter note, I slept all the way and had awesome lunch. So feel like im winning Monday after all.

Have loads of meeting and get to feel all important. See me rocking and rolling and being the big man around campus (or not. Im so bad at that. My boss always tell me i need to go around and finger gun more).

Tried to call my dad a couple of times yesterday. He didnt pick up. Made me very sad. Then he did and i was happy again.

We ate about 50 portions of BBB (bulgars bad ass bolognese) and i took a 2h nap. Life is just really hard at the moment.

Then i got the news that Sanna and Peter are engaged and i got mega excited because get to plan together with my bff. Sanna is probably the person ive shared the most with through the years so win. Plus super happy for that awesome couple.

Early morning Eurostar face. The poor lady next to me must have suffered through my snoring and Darth Vader breathing.

George was sending train selfies going in the opposite direction. He is in Edingburgh for some bartender competition networking shizzle. Pretty sure hell be going to be around the time i get up tomorrow. Im wishing him all the fun. My aim is to eat a steak and go to bed really early.

Btw, fun (?) story. When we had Mike and Amelia over for dinner Saturday Mike found a mouse in the bathroom. Nice way to treat your guest. My hope was that W was going to scare him off but he couldnt care less. He is useless. Neither catch the bad guys at a burglary or the mouse in the bathroom.

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