London, a love story

Back in my dear rainy and grey London. Its just something about this city. The smell, the people, the tube. Every time i come back its this sense of home. This weird, crazy, friendly place suits me. The streets of London is a mess of styles, both in the architechture and the people, and you never know what youll see when you walk around a corner. The excitment of that is exhilirating.

It was a lovely morning in Paris yesterday though. Look at the blue sky and the pretty french buildings. I strolled to work and then had a suprisinly good day with loads of productive meetings. Once in a blue moon.

But nothing like home. My street was in full bloom when i got off the tube and i walked the street up and down a couple of times rolling my bag just to smell it and feel it.

London you beauty. You are not as classy and refined as Paris but you have more heart. You greet people with a ‘hello love’ and treat them to tea and scones, give them a blanket and make sure they stay put on the sofa and dont go out in the horrible weather.

I prefer that over a classy, but somewhat snotty, glass of wine with cheese all while wearing the latest fashion item.

Lucky me having a full week of London planned.

I also love the internet. I leave you with this little gem.

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