Along the canal

Lucky you! Two posts in one day. Sometimes the world is just a magical place.

Before i show you all the pictures from our awesome, and very wet, walk we did yesterday i will tell you about the state of angst ridden shame i am in today.

So, i dreamt that my boss wanted to have sex with me last night and he took off all his clothes and had this weird worm body with a little pot belly. I refused and he started crying. Naked. On the floor.

And now i cant see anything else when i look at him.

For reals, im ashamed on his behalf. You know when you are stuck with that dream feeling all day. Urgh (also, lets not think about what Freud would say about this. Given how i last week kind of felt like i was being royally fucked by my company maybe not so far fetched. At least dream me was like No way, jose)

Anyway, back to nature and innocence.

Yesterday Georges bulgarian friends Petko and Dessie (i have no idea about the spelling but something like that) took us out in the wild outdoors. They picked us up with the car and drove about 30 min south of London.

We followed the canal on a somewhat grey but still very nice day. I love nature. Needed this badly. Slept like a baby last night (minus weird sex dreams. And G snoring. Had to flee to the extra sofa)

This is a very old tree.

And here are some swans. W was very interested but they just hissed at him. Being a lil weakling he ran away.

Cool gang. George representing the Londoner far out of his depth in the mud.

We saw a cow just chilling in the mud. W barked a bit at her too. She couldnt care less.

Food pit stop. Tea and biscuit. The crew being very prepared. Then we had picnic lunch in the rain. Like proper rain. Reminded me of the scouts as a kid. Not sure im missing it that much. Delicious bulgarian treats though.

After 3h walking (mostly pretty wet) we found a pub. The happiness on Georges and Woollys faces were heartbreaking.

Then gearing up for more walking. Even i was pretty over it by the end. That wet, cold never getting warm again feeling.

But i found some forget me nots by the road and picked them for my dad. They always bloomed around his bday when i was a kid and i remember picking them for him so it always reminds me of family and love. And what a perfect name when you live in another country.

My own little London family. Wet and tired but happy. You can see the ring George made for himself to match my engagement ring. Since mine is the heart of a tree his is made the resemble wood. Always the romantic dreamer my man.

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