The home hoedown

Im Woolly free this week. He is on holiday by the sea and im on holiday from him. This means a whole week of evening when i can do whatever i want.

Yesterday George and me headed up East for a Hoedown at Home. All things country. I think that might be my right element.

I dressed appropriately. Even added some freckles to my country gal look. And i got to drink bloody caesars. Had forgotten how delicious they are.

Ben proudly showing off his art work. Unicorns and star wars. Its like someone drew my soul.

Me and my man. We had so much fun together. A long time since we were out the two of us just having a good time.

And we drank pickle backs. Of course. What else to do when you are lajving country.

This is a very romantic pose of George and Charlie.

Sam and Helen responsible for this epic night. Sam even played the guitar. I died a little. I just have this thing for guitar playing men.

Taking selfies with all the friends we ran into. It was all in full gear despite being a Monday. Bartenders…

Acting all sexy (?) with Maria and Charlie.


Im not even sure how ive managed to turn my body here since it looks like my belly bottom is sitting on my hip.

A somewhat drunken kiss goodbye for the night. It was a very fun night and even if im a bit tired today totally worth it. And its sunny outside. All the good things.

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