Owning whitstables

After a couple of lazy days with Maggie and Olivia it was time for the polar opposite. Joining Katta, Eric and Darren for a trip the coast, to Whitstables, known for their Oysters (all kinds of yum)

After 2h busy train we ended up at our cottage. See the excitement on our faces.

Drinking our travel beers and getting excited about our trip out of London. Dont see Eric enough given that he is one of muy oldest friends here in London so i was so glad i could join for this. Also, getting out of London!

We settled in and had a drink in our garden before heading out. My mission was to take nice looking tider profile pictures for the boys.

We headed down to the beach and the old Neptune wich is a beach pub with seats overlooking the sea. Yes please.

Katta and me where not unhappy about leaving town. Also, already a bit tipsy at this point.

The boys took picture of each other. Thats what happens when you spend all your time together and start acting like an old couple.

Tinder profile pic quest continues. Darren was so unhappy about me commenting his messy hair he actually booked a hairdresser appointment for the day after. Vain much?

I mean come on!

Gin and tonics for the win.

When the sun had set we went in search of a dinner place. Everything was very booked out being a sunny bank holiday and all so after way too much walking and not enough drinking we ended up at a little place called Samphire.

Completely by accident but delicious food.

Hungry boys.

More drinks and then time for Whitstables most happening place. The Rock Lodge. They have live band and jagerbombs. Everything good in life. Also loads of old people that eventually started fighting. You win some you lose some.

Since we didnt have any toilet paper at home i was tasked with stealing some. Havent felt like this much of a kid since well, i was a kid. Look at that guilty face.

When the rock lodge closed we headed home for a dance party. Continuing on the being a kid thing the neighbours complained around 2 am.

So we naturally continued.

Eric making sure we dont run dry. Thanks mate.

Around 3 we gave up. Then we had danced in bed for hours, I had gifted Darren the song Moviestar that became the song of the trip and we had avoided spilling red wine everywhere. All in all a roaring success.

A bit like Eric and me trying the backpack kid dance.

This is what its supposed to look like….

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