When Maggie and Olivia were in town

I had taken the day off on Friday to hang with my people. Maggie and Olivia was over from Stockholm and i was beyond happy to get to meet mini Maggie properly. Its the saddest thing about being here, not getting to see my friends babies grow up. So i take every chance i can to hang  with them.

Maggie and baby Olivia came swinging over with the tube and we installed them in the flat.

Olivia went straight for the london fashion.

Feeling right at home with the London cool crew. Dont worry Olivia, you are welcome whenever you want.

Not entirely convinced about this bearded weirdo but not saying no to some tossing in the air.

George left and Maggie and me installed ourselves in the garden. And then stayed here for the rest of the evening.

Took selfies with this little happy angel.

Had food and drank ciders. Trying to put Olivia to sleep in the doggo bed but she kept wanting to hang. Her mummys daughter for sure.

I also get to be a part of something pretty spectacular. Olivias first crawl. Such a little hero.

On Friday morning we went straight out into the garden again. I had to wake up at 8 and then this little terror had already been up for 2 hours.

Definitely not sure about George.

So he won her over the best way he knows. With a flask.

Whatever floats your boat little Olive.

Then we took the crew to Ravenscourt and had another first – Olivias first time in a swing. We then ran into Ella with her sister and mum plus kids in the garden cafe and had a lovely lunch in the sun.

After 24h with my swedes i waved Maggie goodbye and headed to the cost for some chill time in the sun.

…or so i thought…

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