He is leaving us

Its D-day today. My main man at work, Stevie, is leaving the company. Happy for him, sad for me. He was the one that helped me through the bad times when everyone hated us in the beginning.

But cheers to him gaining his freedom.

To say that the team is excited for leaving drinks tonight is an understatement. Sita has bought jagerbombs and we are all going BIG.

Looking forward to redbull hangover tomorrow…

Last night had a quiet one. Picked up W and then the whole family had turkish on the sofa. I also spent some time out in my beloved garden. Its more and more amazing by the day. Growing and blooming and yesterday i had 5 smultron.

We are planning a BBQ on Saturday. Smallish affair. Like 6 people and just enjoy the fact that we have a BBQ, can sit outside and the garden is all kinds of awesome. Just need to survive the hangover.

This guy. Straight into my heart. Even if he is a furry nightmare sometimes i love him very much.

Other news in Cissi world – i found tickets for George to go see Bill Murray. His biggest idol. So on Monday its time. Should have been Xmas so that i would have nailed this year as well. Oh well, i have another 7 months to figure it out.

Also, one of Georges best friends are getting married in Sydney next year March. So off we go. Best time to travel so not unhappy about that.

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