Garden times

After all that raveing on Friday i decided to have a quiet weekend. Ive got a couple of big ones coming up. Gotland in two weeks and then midsummer. June is always a big one for liver and wallet. Swedes doing swede things celebrating summer.

On Saturday W and me chilled in the garden while George were sleeping. Mini man veeeery keen on that ice cream.

In the evening we had Lollo and Ella over for BBQ. Love these simple summer evenings when people come over last minute and it never gets dark.

The garden was blooming. You can barely see my little flamingo for all the roses and green.

Sexy BBQ man. When the girls had left we stayed out sitting in the garden sharing a drink. Perfect saturday evening in my book.

I also got lovely flowers from the girls so even our living room is filled with flowers. Or, we are living in a jungle as George says.

Feel like i havent told you in a while so here goes…

I love my garden!!!

On Sunday i started to feel a bit iffy but doggie still needs to get walked so put on my most summery outfit and dragged myself, dog and man to the park.

Showed George how to make a nose. Hes never put a nose on his nose before. And hes got such in impressive nose. He would have won the ‘how many can you put on’ competition we had as kids.

Doing it with style.

More garden times. Im actually getting a bit of a tan. Once ive proved that i can im happy to go back to my shade. We all know im not a sun person. I belong in a gloomy forest or in a dingy bar.

Its growing everywhere.

Some serious shwett.

Made George and myself some dinner with fresh tomatoes and herbs from the garden. Delicious if i get to say it myself.

Lured George out into the garden by holding the food in front of him. Sausages always work.

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