Happy Sweden day

3 posts in one day! What is this sorcery? Its me being sick and feeling bad if i dont let you in on every minute of my life. Nah, every second. You are welcome.

No one scared of having their life on internet here…

Sick day two and i was very impressed with my new nail polish. As a notorious chipper and too lazy to book appointments im always casing the perfect polish that means i dont have to do my nails more than once a week.

And, this might just be it. Day 4 and it still looks like this. Essie gel cotoure. I will give you an update on saturday when its been a week but it still looks pretty banging (except for the chip where i stabbed my nail with the razor. Dont ask…)

There is also tomatoes actually being made in our garden. I feel like some kind of earth goddess with all my growing stuff.

And with the boom chicka bow wow ass too match.

Yesterday was Swedens national day. We celebrated with meatballs. Happiest were Woolly.

Then we left him behind and went up to Ekte in Bank for drinks and a scandi dinner. I love Georges job sometimes. Free swede food!

It was the swedish/danish/norwegian/finnish chamber of commerce doing a joint event.

This was the starter. A delicious skagen. The way it should be done. I was in food heaven and might have forgotten to breath for the time it took me to inhale that.

Main was danish frikadeller (like meatballs but bigger). Delicious as well even if my swede soul was hoping for proper meatballs.

Dessert were norwegian krum cake with cloudberry cream. And in this manner our culinary tour through scandi was ended with a kaffe and karsk (shot).

Thank you babe for inviting me. Im also getting my claws into the chambers people. My next plan is to get invited to the crayfish parties in September.

Love that its my aussie man getting me to these events.

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