Team awesomeness

Back at work. So what better than give you a low down on the office party and Friday. Also Stevies last day (sadness!!).

He broke my tiny heart when he gave me a leaving gift. I dont think ive ever been given a gift from someone who is leaving before. Stevie, ill miss you. And also, clearly you know me.

We went for a leaving lunch at Mustard. Team is shrinking. Well, soon (ish) Natalia will come back from maternity leave and we will be at full force again. We need that polish sass.

Leaving drinks and gifts. This glass says ‘Good luck asshole’. Yeah, thats the kind of crew we are. Stevie taught us well.

Natalia left baby Sophie at home and came to party with us. BFFs reunited again.

And because our team are heroes Sita had made sure we had jagerbombs to last us the entire night. Thats serious dedication to the party.

This is the ‘oh god it starts’ face that comes with your first jagerbomb for the night.

Sad minchkins. It was tiki party theme so i ran home and got everyone the lays left over from our party. At least it makes them look festive despite those sad faces.

Pretty sure this is Toto Africa. Recognice those faces.

So, all those shots did their job and the party was in full swing by 8. I regret nothing.

After many hours of my tiki playlist, more drinks, many shots and scooting out the last of the people not in our team we were ready for the proper party.

Erin, Stevies wife, joined us. Good thing she came from a festival so she was in the same state as the rest of us.

Because i think we owned partying there for a while.

Happy team!! Love when you can have this much fun with your colleagues. Because they are the best. And sexy beasts all of them.

I mean. This dude…Belfasts finest.

He will be very missed.

CRM mum and dad and baby Sita. Im looking very happy about this divorce. Stevie not so much. I mean, he is the one leaving me. But, i get to keep the kids.

Not only are my team all kinds of awesome there are also some serious nerd chat to be had. Uday is not only the brother of the amazing cake girls, he is also The Best at nerd chat. We might have spent a serious amount discussing marvel movies and GoT.

Party people!

Thank you team for the best night ever. And dont worry Stevie, we will never truly let you go. We will stalk you forever.

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