win win

Sweden vs England for quarter finals. What a game. Good thing for me is that whoever wins i get to cheer. Well, i want Sweden to win of course but IF England wins the whole country will be celebrating and not sad about that.

A classic win win as they say.

Yesterday W and me were VERY eccited about the game and walked around all day in our outfits and tattoos. Good thing we won. W would have been gutted otherwise.

At lunch i went home to lay out the pool.

A tad too big….me and measurements are not the best of friends. And when i asked George about i he was still sleeping. So now we have a pool as big as our garden. RIP garden.

Went back to work for some excrutiating football. Still not made for this shit but at least we won so all good in the hood.

I wore swede outfit. Of course. Taking every chance to dress up. Maybe i should have been an actress, then this would have been my life.

Came home to the beast of a pool after work again and started to fill it up.

It took forever so i cooked some food for myself and ate it watching the slow progress.

Ate and ice cream and watched the game between England Colombia. Shouldnt have been surprised the pool took FOREVER to fill up.

The view from out window. Im going to live in this over the weekend. Its been enough of a head ache that i need to get my proper use out of it.

So yeah, not good at this whole measurement thing. At least  we have a massive pool for our party on saturday. Watching the game drinking pina coladas.

When you dont have holiday until September make a beach club in your backyard.

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