Surviving the heat

My body is really iffy at the moment. Probably the heat. Being the swedish vampire i am i dont deal that well with prolonged sun. Apparently. Feel like im getting a cold and a stomach bug at the same time. And also an eye infection. (no, im not pregnant, no matter how much i wish i was).

Happy days. It makes me cranky and tired. Poor George is having a handfull at the moment. Im kind of happy he is out tonight so he doesnt have to deal with this. Instead ill watch 13 reasons why and relish the fact that im not a teenager any longer.

Had a great start to the week when i came into the office and was met by cake pops. On madeira cake. Hello you tiny taste of cotton candy and unicorns.

Miranda then sent me a pic telling me i will be the proud mother of one of these if the survive the re potting.

Go, go little tiny plants. I want one of you in my house.

Took a walk during lunch. It was sweltering. Hard to get any excercide in when its like this but since me and the gym are not on speaking terms at the moment and this have been going on for weeks i kind of have to.  So really slow walking it is.

W is as tired as i am. You have to drag him down the street to get him to go for a walk in this. But like me he needs at least a pretend of exercise.

Walking to meet G at at the station. Having eaten blue bonbons. Looking fly.

Tonight im staying in when G is out. It makes me feel like the most boring person in the world sometimes but then i realise i cant compete with George. He is a machine. And the guy is out socialising like 5 times a week. Not even sure how you survive that.

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