Sandwich heaven

It was prime day on Monday. And since there was actually a couple of things i needed (and some i wanted :)) i took the chance to pick up some things on the sale.

First one was a samsonite cabin bag. I have totally killed the two i have traveling as much as i do and i thought why not get a proper one once im at it. If there is one thing i use its a cabin bag (hi, light packer).

Look at me growing up using my money for practical things rather than clothes.

Aaaaand, i got us a sandwich grill…

I used to have this as a kid (got one after selling jultidningar)  but havent had one as a grown up. Given how often we eat sandwiches i decided that hey, its time.

Plus, you can warm like anything in there. With the faint smell of warm cheese. Dream.

Look at my restaurant standard meal. Influencers, you’ve got nothing on me and my composition. Christmas tray, green plastic bowl and a hungry dog in the corner.

Living my best life.

George booked our tickets to Bulgaria. I was veeerrrrryyy happy about that. Cant wait to eat some serious shopska and swim in a blue ocean.

Well, wait i have to. Its another 7 weeks until holiday. FML.

Until then, surviving at work having nothing to do.

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