Love hurts

Stu is being deported from London and we are all very sad about it. I tried, we decided to sponsor him at Deezer, but due to Brexit there is too many Tier 2 visas issues and we got declined. Dont. Even get me started on Brexit…

So here we are, with Stu having to leave within a week when him and Emma just found a house together. Hell be back, im sure of it, but it sucks for now (and make me say ‘thank god for bulgarian passports’). So tonight we are having Stu and Emma over for dinner. Maybe we can even whip out cranium for some fun to forget about sad times.

Yesterday i picked up W and he got a bit too excited to see me.

Yeah, love from a hound with sharp claws does hurt.

Because i was bleeding everywhere i had to use my headscarf as a bandage. Fashion and quick thinking.

Looking all innocent after making mummy bleed. I see you lil monster.

Dont have that much more to share. I havent smoked in 10 days (yey me. But, i have barely been drinking so the real test will be for Benjies wedding Saturday) and im being somewhat healthy in general. Not sure if that helps in any way but thinking it cant hurt right?

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