One of those nights

I have to toot my own horn a bit. I have not smoked for 13 days. Even if i have been out and about and around people smoking next to me. Im pretty bad ass when i want to. I know i dont smoke every day but its still hard to go cold turkey. Especially when you are drunk. Because who cares about anything when they are drunk?

So. Yey me! And hands up to my stubborness. Even if it comes with a sometimes non understanding for people who promise things and dont follow up on them. Working on my acceptance to people with less crazy principles.

Anyway, yesterday this legendary trio met up for dinner at Dishoom. Classic hand in Kattas face photo.

We did what we do best – talked a lot of shit and laughed our asses off. London family. Extra much so now that Eric is buying a place in Ibiza…

After dinner we went to Hoxton hotel and yeah…felt like the badest badasses around. Like that we started the night talking about how we are all older now and cant party like we used to and then ended the night doing shots at Found.

We acquired George as well. Celebrating 6 months engaged in style.

Not looking a day over 27. Thats when Eric and me met. Except for Elin he is probably the person here in London that have seen pretty much all of my London life.

Being flatmates, sharing endless hungover days on the sofa, going to ibiza and on ski trips, too many nightclub evenings to count, sing alongs to sweet caroline, eating oysters by the sea, cheering Chelsea to winning the season and walks across London. Thats how epic friendships are made.

I was on fire if i get to say it myself. As Mikey said ‘i havent seen you like this in ages. I love you when you are like this’.

It was a good one. Needed one of those super happy ones.

It was Mikeys bday. I must admit i was a bit too much in my own world to really pay much attention to the man of the hour.

When we got home George and me was fighting it out on who was going to be the most hungover today. He is still sleeping so i say i won.

Even if im feeling a bit weak today totally worth for it all the fun last night. Plus, since its Stus last day Uday brought cake pops.

We all know how i love cake pops.

So even if a burger and fries would have been slightly better i inhaled a cake pop when i got into work.


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