Bye bye Stu

As you know by now Stu is being made to leave the country after us trying to sponsor him for a visa fell through (dont let me start on my Brexit rant please).

So on Monday it was time for his leaving drinks. Why people do stuff on mondays i dont know but since its Stu i trekked all the way up East.

Nope, we are definitely not here to fuck spiders (this is an Aussie saying. Kind of like ‘we are here to get the job done’)

Yeah, we all signed the petition. Unfortunately no one was listening and he is still being deported 😦

Your standard Monday at Home shenanigans.

Super mega sad Stu is leaving. Except for Henry. He is just trying to look cool.

You still have to smile for the Home polaroid though.

Team. Everyone left early but it was lovely to see everyone and to get the chance to say a proper goodbye to Stu.

Fake laughing at George because he is Finland and not here. No, we were not happy about that.

Its finally a bit cooler outside and im wearing jeans today. Yes, the small mercys in life.

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