Singing in the rain

We have our first appointment with the doctor tomorrow. Im pretty nervous. And happy that its finally happening. But mostly nervous. I want to know if its an issue but also not. Happily ignorant is a thing.

We also have our summer party tonight. So yeah, taking it easy because wont sit in a fertility clinic reeking of booze.

My mind is a bit of a rollercoaster. Half of the time i manage to think ‘hey its ok, it will happen when its supposed to and we will end up having the cutest little swedish/norwegian/bulgarian/aussie/english kid. The other half im terrfified of the journey ahead and just sad thinking that kid will never exist.

But dont worry, im a pro at trying to stay positive and at least things are moving. And you know what? Less than a month to Bulgaria.

George was away in Finland over the last couple of days so we did what we do best. Send shit loads of selfies.

Hot stuff right there.

The team gave Marty a bday gift. He loves Marmite so naturally he got a jar of Martymite. Happy boyo.

Today its 19 days since i had a cigarette. Didnt smoke that much before but feel good having stopped. Not that i notice ANY difference but i guess ill save some money at least. And my lungs are probably thanking me.

Family reunion. Woolly was also away when George was in Finland so it was very lonely in the flat. Having a dog i dont understand why you wouldnt. Best company ever.

Morning walk. Yes, its raining. Dont think i have ever loved rain this much. Woolly too, he was running around like a lil puppy.

Came in to a chocolate bar. Thank you Marty. Getting ready for the summer party. Well, the kind of tame summer party but still. I can drink until 10.

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