The nap queen

Had such a lazy weekend. Suits London at the moment. People are on holiday, the parks are all burnt brown and it rained pretty much all weekend. Perfect sofa weather. Woolly was laying so close and we napped together in the afternoons.

Had so many people asking me and cheering me on about the appointment. You are all awesome. Makes me feel less lonely. And also, weirdly, like its going to be ok. On the other hand i got asked if i was pregnant on the summer party. And that kind of…hurts. Because i have to explain im not. I guess thats part of why im talking so openly about it here, to not have to answer questions about it.

Seriously, rationality has nothing to do with anything right now.

On Friday i met the girls for dinner at Havelock. How i love that pub. And my girls. Perfect storm.

Katta and me started with Bloody Marys and promises to be better at doing things including nature. Next week we are heading to Richmond, ages since we were there.

This beauty showed up after a while, filled with energy and happy thoughts. Then we talked mid 30s talk. The whole babies, career, partners, money, life shebang. So many pieces of the puzzle and so hard to make them all work out.

But, in the end. Life is damn good when you have amazing people around you.

On Saturday George and me went to see a football game. My manager had lent me his season tickets to QPR and we headed 20 min up the road for some proper english culture.

Sure, i love you too babe.

We were one row from the field. Pretty banging seats. Georges brothers old school friend is one of the players so we had a reason to properly cheering as well.

GOAL!! Unfortunately they lost after a penalty but we enjoyed ourselves massively eatling burgers and drinking beer.

Sunday morning colourful brekkie. Love fruit season.

Walkies with Woolly in the morning. Thats the beauty, and sometimes bore, of having a dog. They need to be walked Every. Damn. Day.

When we came home W and me fell asleep on the sofa for a couple of hours. Told you it was mega chilled time.

In the evening we went to the cinema to watch ant man and the wasp. It was solid fun. And i got to eat popcorn so considered a win all around.

And that was our weekend. Some highs, some lows and now only 25 days to holiday. Cant wait, i have been hating on seeing everyone else being away but it will be pretty awesome extending my summer into September.

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