A post about timings

One of the things they asked us at the clinic was how long we have been trying to get pregnant and id thought ill tell you some about that. Especially if you just find your way here and have questions or generally just wonders about timings like i did.

I went off the pill in September but at that time we were rather trying NOT to get pregnant. But due to how irregular my periods are (something i only realised when i started charting) we pretty much probably messed up the not pregnant timing anyway.

Once we got engaged in NYC in February and started talking wedding George asked me if we shouldnt try for a baby before. Being 36 and knowing age have a huge impact I couldnt have loved him more for realising how important it was to me. (Especially being 4 years younger and not having the same biological clock crazily ticking away as i do.) Wedding has always been less of a big deal to me (to be honest, for the longest time i didnt want to get married at all) and i might have been dreaming about that mini dark haired, green eyed baby for a while.

So yes, we have been trying since mid February and we are now up to 6 months. I know that doesnt sound like a long time but after having consulted with my GP and due to being off the pill for almost a year, having very irregular periods and being past 35 they decided to refer us.

Knowing that it still early it might just be a matter of having to wait it out but i rather know and take any precautions if needed. And trust me, 6 months is a long time when you are waiting for something you desperately want.

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