Old friends in new places

I went to an interview yesterday. Im not really looking but if something interesting shows up i always go see them, if nothing else to keep my interviewing skills relevant. Gotta sell yourself.

She asked me what i wanted to do next in my career and i didnt really have a good answer. Most recruiters i talked to over the last year is looking for someone hungry who can go in and properly drive growth in smaller businesses. The problem for me is that given hopes for family that isnt really what i want for the coming years. I want peace and quiet and busy-ish.

Dont get me wrong, im happy at work and the recent funding indicates that ill be able to stay here for a while but im also aware that it will be a next step and at the moment i have NO idea what that is.

Looked sharp for my interiew. Or like an innocent victorian lady. Take your pick.

Very fancy recruiter firm. Chilled by myself drinking tea before. Good times. Then i got lost in my passion for changing the world for women and making my teams happy and im not sure thats what this company was looking for.

Well, if they dont want me i dont want them. Like dating. Go with the one you can see a future with.

In the evening i met up with Robin and Stan as well as George, Liam and Maria for drinks and food. We sent an angry photo to Eric complaining about him not being there. Not that we invited him.

Two bulgarians and a swede. We had dinner at a newly opened restaurant up East called Saint Leonard. It was…not good. I mean, the food was alright but the service was shit and ive had better executed food for that price so overall would not recommend.

But we were pretty happy anyway.

Boys doing boys thing together. But to be honest, we mostly spoke about how much we’ve all grown and settled down since that first year at Ifield Rd. Kind of sad but mostly needed. You cant be constantly partying forever.

After dinner Robin and Stan did the tuesday thing and went home. Me, not having drunk all weekend, decided that yes, i need at least 2 more drinks so we headed to Found. Totally the right decision.

And, the good thing about not smoking is that you feel about half as hungover when you wake up. So aceing it today.

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